Torrent pirates overthrow IFPI domain name

October 15, 2007

Torrent pirates overthrow IFPI domain name The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) .com domain name is now in the hands of pirates… and they don’t plan to give it back.

In a interesting turn of events, the IFPI had some emails leaked last week that showed the copyright protection group was requesting confidential information from Swedish authorities in regards to The Pirate Bay.  The organization was unsuccessful, and in turn, they found  they had lost one of their secondary domain names to that very same group.

While still points to their main site, now directs you to The International Federation of Pirate Interests, and is registered to a “Brokep”, one of the administrators of The Pirate Bay.

In a conversation with, Brokep said that the domain name had not been hacked, but one of their users somehow obtained it, and had now given it over to them for their use.  They have no intentions of giving it back to the IFPI, and plan to use it to further their pirate causes with their new federation.

Every time one of the anti-piracy groups seems to make a move on the torrent sites, they are always one step ahead of them.  Either fleeing for another country, or somehow obtaining the emails that let them in on their strategies.

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