Best Buy to stop selling analog TVs

October 17, 2007

Best Buy to stop selling analog TVs It was bound to happen at some point, Best Buy is the first among which will become many retailers to stop selling analog TVs.  The US has announced plans to stop all analog broadcasts in early 2009 which will require a converter box or a TV ready-made to receive the new signals.

Yahoo News reports that Best Buy headquarters has told its stores to stop selling the analog based products at the beginning of the month.

If Best Buy was first to stop selling them, then my bet is Circuit City will be second and so on down the list, I would venture a guess that Walmart will be last, because… it’s Walmart.

However, cable operators must continue to provide an analog signal until February 2012.  The government is also instituting a coupon program that will allow some customers to purchase one of the converter boxes at a lower price.

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