Is PC era coming to an end? – New gadgets stealing their market

November 4, 2007

Is PC era coming to an end? - New gadgets stealing their marketThe PC has dominated as the gadget of choice for 2 decades now, even though the technology improves and the companies change. But that era could be coming to an end, with analysts in Japan predicting the PC market is starting to shrink in favour of gadgets such as the PS3, Wii, mobile phones, digital cameras and flat panel TVs.

Japan’s PC market is rapidly declining, mainly thanks to the new gadgets flooding the market which take away the need for an all encompassing computer sitting in the corner of your living room.

According to Yahoo News, consumers in Japan aren’t feeling the need to buy new PCs any more, and are instead spending their money on a range of gadgets which between them can do everything you’d want a computer to do.

Market survey firm IDC are claiming that:

“Overall PC shipments in Japan have fallen for five consecutive quarters, the first ever drawn-out decline in PC sales in a key market. The trend shows no signs of letting up: In the second quarter of 2007, desktops fell 4.8 percent and laptops 3.1 percent.

And it’s easy to see why. Instead of buying a bigger hard drive for their PC, young consumers are much more likely to be looking at buying a bigger, flatter, wider TV, or the latest games console such as a Wii or PS3.

What’s more, the new gadgets emerging on to the market do some of the things that would have been impossible to achieve without a PC just 5 years ago. You can surf the web and download music to your mobile phones, hook your digital camera up to your HD TV to view your pictures, and interact with people around the world using the Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360′s online capabilities.

In other words, the amount of things that only a PC can do has been reduced markedly in a very short space of time.

And it isn’t just the home user who is shunning new computers. It’s also reported that because leaps in PC technology have now slowed to a trickle, businesses in Japan are waiting longer than ever before upgrading or replacing their machines.

Japan has been at the leading edge of technology for the past 25 years, and consumers there are by far the most tech savvy in the world, so if a trend emerges over there it’s highly likely the west will follow suit.

Unless manufacturers start developing strategies to make computers a must have lifestyle essential once more, the PC era could be coming to an end.

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