Facebook drops the word "is" from the status message; tech blogs go bonkers

November 20, 2007

Facebook drops the word Not since President Bill Clinton famously said “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.”, has so much attention been paid to such a tiny word.

Facebook is dropping the word “is” from its status messages finally. You know how it has been “Sean P. Aune is at work” or “Sean P. Aune is writing”, now it will just be a blank slate that lets you say whatever you want.

And that’s it… the whole story… a two-letter word is gone.

Why is this news? Was it just that slow of a newsday? Yes, people campaigned for it, good for them, but every time I’ve turned around today, some of the biggest names in the tech business are doing huge headlines about this. Are we that brainwashed in to thinking that everything Facebook does is newsworthy that we will cover what amounts to a design tweak?

When I was doing my morning rounds to see what news was out there, I saw the story, thought “Oh, that’s nice,” and went on with my day. Little did I think I would be seeing it again… and again… and again… in my newsreader.

Yes, we just covered it, but only in the sense we had to show just how insignificant of a story this really is. Yes, Facebook is popular, there is no denying that, but for the entire tech blogosphere to go frothy at the mouth like rabid dogs over the removal of the word “is”, is just ludicrous.

Say what you will about news related to Facebook, but I think this one takes the cake for “We’re lemmings and must report on every move Facebook makes”.

UPDATED 11/21: Facebook brought back the word “is”, proving this really was a non-story that tech blogs jumped on way too quickly.  Maybe it was a glitch, maybe they were trying something new, either way, as we said, this really wasn’t news.

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