Google planning to redefine television: Android TV?

November 20, 2007

Google planning to redefine television: Android TV?When you think Google, you probably think search engine, and, with Google trying to move into the wireless industry, it may be a bit confusing as to what Google’s doing with itself. Let’s not forget one thing: the core of Google’s business is advertising. With that in mind, it would make sense why Google would want to redefine TV.

The company is currently researching methods to get Google in, on, or under your TV, and it has little or nothing to do with the Google TV ads being tested under EchoStar.

Yet Google’s not denying anything either. Vincent Dureua, Google’s TV technology boss, couldn’t state the company’s goal for the medium any more clearly: "We are confident we are going to revive the television advertising industry by bringing new advertising to it."

With DVRs giving users the ability to eliminate advertising from their viewing experience, there is currently a need by the industry to rethink TV advertising. Google is trying to satisfy that need.

TechCrunch suggests Google may eventually unleash an open set-top box platform, inviting all sorts of developers to develop for the system, something similar to what the company’s doing with Android, Google’s mobile phone OS.

Such a system would allow companies to forget about traditional TV advertising and to adopt more dynamic methods, such as the clickable ticker style ads recently developed by AOL and Google.

In order to survive the era of DVRs and file-sharing, the TV industry needs to catch on to new technology because consumers will get their content through their method of choice no matter what. The industry needs to invest in pick-and-choose methods of TV watching, high quality HD content, and advertising that doesn’t get in the way of our shows. Otherwise, consumers will continue to master methods of obtaining high quality, ad-less content illegally and legally for free, and, once the TV industry realizes that it should’ve welcomed change, we’ll hear an apology from a TV executive similar to Warner Music’s recent apology to music consumers.

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