Facebook loses two more advertisers over Beacon debacle

December 3, 2007

Facebook loses two more advertisers over Beacon debacle Facebook seems unable to win any of its battles as of late, and the new advertising platform it introduced, Beacon, is not helping matters.

It seems that a day can no longer pass without some new problem with Facebook’s Beacon service.  Attacks from groups such as MoveOn.org, and advertisers as big as Coca-Cola pulling out over privacy issues seem to be the new rule of thumb for an average day over at the popular social network.

Not wanting to break a trend, two more advertisers have pulled their support of the social advertising system: Overstock.com and Travelocity.  It appears that Overstock.com pulled their support on November 21st, and Travelocity never even started using it as they learned more of how it would work, much like Coca-Cola did.

One has to wonder how much longer Facebook is going to stand by this system.  Users have complained about it, advertisers are pulling support, civic action groups are crying foul, just what is it going to take for Facebook to pull the system and either reshape it or scrap it?  There is a point where stubbornness just turns in to plain old stupidity.

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One Response to “Facebook loses two more advertisers over Beacon debacle”

  1. The Opinionated Blogger:

    As a user of Facebook I am really glad to see you posting the latest news. Facebook, much like Google, has become a disappointment.

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