Gibson reveal Les Paul guitar with auto tuning technology

December 3, 2007

Gibson reveal Les Paul guitar with auto tuning technologyHow do you make one of the coolest, and certainly best known models of electric guitar even better than it already is? You team up with a company who make self tuning software, and include it on your new Blue Silverburst finish model.

The Gibson Les Paul guitar is known worldwide, and used by professional, and amateur musicians everywhere. It’s classy, sounds magnificent, and has been used to write and record some of the best music in the world. But as with every guitar ever made, it has to be tuned before being played, or it would sound like a banjo being played by a horse.

Yahoo News report that Gibson today announced that they are teaming up with German company Tronical, in a partnership which will enable Les Paul guitars to be tuned in just 2 seconds.

Tronical developed their Powertune system from robotics technology, which recognizes pitch, before telling its processor to direct motors on its six tuning pegs to tighten or loosen the strings accordingly. The company has been offering the system online and through retailers in Germany since March, but this coupling with the biggest guitar manufacturer should bring the technology to a whole new audience.

The new Les Paul guitar, and indeed, the Powertune system, isn’t cheap however. The new model goes on sale globally this Friday, and will cost $2,499 in the U.S. The self tuning add on will be offered for $900 extra on top of that.

The Powertune system can also be installed and used on other makes and models of guitar, and is available online for approximately $600.

This technology could well revolutionise guitars, and make it easier for beginners and pros alike to get started on playing without having to mess around with setting up, and tuning. It also makes the new Les Paul the coolest gadget ever made.

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