Technorati goes in for a facelift too!

December 4, 2007

Technorati goes in for a facelift too!Technorati, the large blog-ranking site, just underwent a little nip and tuck action. The sexy new look includes a fresh front page that links to popular blogs’ and news sites’ stories, a “Blogger Central” page, and even a “Today in Photos” page. You go, girl!

According to TechCrunch, new Technorati CEO Richard Jalichandra has been working hard to implement changes to bolster the site’s faltering traffic numbers. The new changes are aimed to make Technorati one of the big sites bloggers go to for news, discussion, and direction.

The new front page is completely redesigned; instead of featuring streaming blogs, a new aggregator gathers information from blogs and news sites based on their linking activities, very much in the style of Techmeme.

The Blogger Central page is intended to be just that: a place bloggers can go for tips, hot keywords, and a list of the hottest blogs on the net at any given time.

The last change, which is really quite novel, is a Today in Photos page. The page will include images linked to popular stories; Technorati is banking on the fact that people impulsively click over to stories with images, and this page just cuts out all that text fluff.

All the new improvements come a few days after Digg went about its own redesign. Hopefully Technorati can keep up the good work and high traffic. Free lipo for everyone!

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