Anti-Piracy group prepares for new round of Torrent site admin hunts

December 7, 2007

Anti-Piracy group prepares for new round of Torrent site admin hunts It seems that the BREIN, the Netherlands anti-piracy group, is prepping for a new round of hunting down torrent admins.

According to TorrentFreak, following their success of driving other sites to foreign countries by threatening their hosting company, BREIN is looking at chasing out all the other torrent sites on Netherland’s soil.  Reported sites they are looking at include BTJunkie, Mininova, and TorrentSpy.  If the sites don’t leave the country, the admins could be facing civil, as well as criminal, legal action.

For now, they are looking in to securing the personal information of these site’s owners, but they aren’t positive that all of them have provided legitimate information about themselves.  If the BREIN discovers the hosts have false information on file, and have not properly verified their customer’s details, they are now threatening with holding them responsible for the actions of their clients.

However you look at it, it is obvious the authorities want to make the Netherlands a torrent-free zone.

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