Mac is gaining momentum, Windows Vista and Leopard help

December 8, 2007

Mac is gaining momentum, Windows Vista and Leopard helpThe percentage of consumer PC buyers likely to get an Apple Mac is rising partly because of the release of Windows Vista and Leopard, according to ChangeWave Research.

A recent survey that gauged consumer PC-buying plans found that 29% of likely notebook and PC buyers are planning to get a Mac. The figure is higher than the consumer purchase intent two years ago when 16% of likely notebook PC buyers and 11% of desktop PC buyers planned to buy Macs.

Data from the recently conducted survey also reveals that the consumer purchase intent for Mac is higher than in HP laptops (21%), HP desktop (24%) and Dell laptops (28%). However, Dell had a higher demand for its desktop PCs with 31%.

Tobin Smith, founder of ChangeWave, credited the increase in interest to the general public, rather than Mac loyalists.

According to Smith, more consumers are buying Macs because they’re turned off by PCs using Microsoft’s Windows operating system. Complaints about the latest version of Windows, Vista, and positive reviews for the new Apple Mac OS, Leopard, have fueled Mac sales, Investor writes.

His statement is backed-up with by the most recent poll which found that one-in-four respondents (24%) say that the release of Apple’s latest operating system, Leopard, makes them more likely to buy a Mac in the future.

ChangeWave also documented an increasing demand for Apple Mac in the business community as well.

In a separate survey of corporate PC buyers, ChangeWave found that 7% of laptops buyers and 6% of the desktop buyers plan to get Macs. The figure is higher than the 4% of laptop buyers and 3% of desktop buyers two years ago.

While it seems that the growth of buying intent for Mac by both consumer and business customers are impressive, it’s still over a small base. In 2006, Apple’s PC market share was 4.7% and 2.5% in the US and worldwide, respectively.

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