Samsung Blu-ray player hits sub $300 level, HD-DVD trembling in fear

December 8, 2007

Samsung Blu-ray player hits sub $300 level, HD-DVD trembling in fearWow. Proving that competition always benefits the consumer, HD format players are getting cheaper by the day. Today, one of Samsung’s flagship Blu-ray players hit the sub $300 price zone as the HD format war heats up this holiday season.

The Samsung BD-P1400 as it’s known, is currently available at Amazon for $297.95 reports Engadget. We’ve checked Amazon and it’s legit, although it’s unknown how long supplies will last at this price. The player retailed at over $1000 when it first hit stores. At some stores, it retailed for over $2000.

Amazon also has Sony’s BDP-S300 for $400, but that’s a weak bargain even though it also started out at over $1000. The Playstation 3 at $400 is a great Blu-ray player and it’s also an awesome gaming console, and it’s currently retailing everywhere for $400 or $500 depending on the model.

HD-DVD players are still the route to take if you’re looking for a cheap (in price) high def experience, but the format is struggling. Despite that Toshiba’s HD-A2 is currently at $217.88 on Amazon, overall the major studios are leaning towards Blu-ray as opposed to HD-DVD. And Hd-DVD’s biggest ally, Microsoft, is being forced to cash out large checks in order to keep companies at the HD-DVD camp.

Michael Bay, a huge Blu-ray supporter despite that his movies and his studio, Paramount Pictures, back HD-DVD, believes Microsoft is keeping HD-DVD alive in order to ultimately kill both formats in favor of direct downloads.

As Warner Brothers tries to figure out what it’ll ultimately favor, the biggest losers and winners here are the consumers. Competition means lower prices, but a competing format means some of us will have bought a player with nothing new to play on it once a winning format emerges. With the total number of stand alone players sold coming out to about the same for each format, the PS3 is giving Blu-ray a huge boost.

About 700,000 to 750,000 HD-DVD players are in people’s homes right now, and Blu-ray can claim the same. But Blu-ray also has about 2 million Playstation 3 units sold. Many will claim that PS3 owners don’t buy Blu-ray discs, but Blu-ray outsold HD-DVD in discs sold for Black Friday week and I (have a PS3 and) buy Blu-ray discs. I have friends with Playstation 3 units and they buy Blu-ray discs. PS3 owners buy or will buy Blu-ray discs and it’s foolish to think they don’t.

Knowing those numbers, is it wise to buy HD-DVD player? Since they’re not that expensive, if you really like HD-DVD, you’re not losing much anyway.

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18 Responses to “Samsung Blu-ray player hits sub $300 level, HD-DVD trembling in fear”

  1. WOOO!!!:

    Blu-Ray kicks @ss again!!!! HD DVD SUCKS BIG TIME!!!!

  2. Nate:

    The future is Blu!

    HD-DUD should just give up and die already.

  3. HD4ME:

    This is a horribly specified P.O.S. Do some research B4 you buy this lemon. Read the reviews at it gets a bucketing.
    The only reason this is cheap by BR standards is because it is obsolete and Sammy want to run it out b4 the new BR discs make it sale proof.

  4. imaballa:

    don’t buy HD-DVD, Microsoft is forcing HD-DVD to stay alive by giving studios like Paramount $100 million, to switch sides while perfecting their Live Tv, and movie download.
    Pretty much forcing this format war to drag on longer till they can dominate both.

    Microsoft has always been about preventing Sony from dominating any market. Thats why they introduced the Xbox to prevent Sony from establishing a home media center in everyone’s home.
    It’s all an insurance policy, thats fueled by the wrong ulterior motivation.

    Don’t be a Microsoft Tool, support Blu-ray!

  5. Saber:

    I want the best movie experience possible, Blu-ray gives me just that. Not some inferior crap like HD-DVD.

    I was watching a DVD movie the other day, I had a chapter that couldn’t be played. I thought to myself, Blu-ray discs are scratch resistant, this would hardly ever happen.

  6. Dave:

    Die HD DUD!!!

  7. Dave2:

    BD is Sony, HD is Toshiba. It is all about money.

    Don’t be a fanboy of either and think that you’re helping some major battle of light and dark.

    You either support one Japanese Company, or the other, or both, or neither.

    It’s that simple.

    And I did read the amazon reviews and epinions on this model, I’d avoid it.

  8. Jason:

    wow alot of people her take this war to seriously. i love movies hd dvd and i like them in bluray but (i dont own a bluray player but my bro does) they are pretty simular. you peoplewho say die to the other format ” Die Hd dvd” or “die bluray” have no seen the other format. Hd dvd to me is better than bluray ut blu ray has more of the movies that are released but Hd dvd is far better overall. I still like blu ray but not as much as i do for hd dvd. Alsoit s good that they lowered the price to $299 but i have heard rumours that the HD -A3 price drop in januarry.

  9. DaveBG:

    Blu-ray offers nothing meaningful over HD DVD.

    Blu-ray is so over-reliant on the PS3 that it is effectively merely another game console format.

    This Samsung is only profile 1.0, cannot just be ‘firmwared’ up to profile 1.1 or 2.0 (the 2 other stages of Blu-ray development they have yet to implement in order to offer features HD DVD has had since it began).

    HD DVD have $100 US players on way, Blu-ray simply cannot compete.

  10. John P.:

    I actually own this model and after installing the latest firmware it plays all movies that are out without a problem. It has the most advanced audio capabilities bar none (HD DVD or Blu-ray). It’s PQ and DVD upconverting of outstanding.

    The only drawback is that it’s profile 1.0 so it can’t do PIP. Perhaps that’s important to some people, I’ve purchased and rented movies since DVD’s have been available and have yet to listen to a director or actor speak over a movie.

  11. nm156:

    Buyer beware. This player is not profile 1.1 upgradeable, much less to 2.0. This is an already obsolete model.

    For the difference in price, you’re better off picking up a PS3.

  12. imaballa:

    Matthew, what planet have you been on?
    The revenue of $150 million that appeared on Paramount’s financial records were cited as “additional advertising funds”, have been questioned as indirect money from Microsoft and Toshiba.
    Microsoft denies it paid Paramount to switch sides, and indicated that Toshiba did not pay Paramount $50 million to switch sides but to “fund advertising.”
    So, that leaves the $100 million, where did that money come from?
    Microsoft has been reported in the media as the culprit for the rest of the $100 million.
    Michael Bay’s rift, or argument with parent studio Paramount over decision to switch format to HD-DVD has been widely documented.

    I’ll take Michael Bay’s word that the studio that hired him to produce Transformers 1,2,3 took money from Microsoft and Toshiba, considering he has the inside scoop.

  13. imaballa:

    Blu-ray players are region free as well.

  14. ds45:

    Wow, people spouting all kinds of BS here. Amazing that so many of you agree with Danny Mendez, who obviously is probably in middle school. The Samsung BD-P1400 NEVER retailed at $1000 much less $2000. Not even close. Also the argument that I own a PS3 and buy blu-ray movies so everyone that owns a PS3 therefore buys blu-ray movies is retarded. Anyone who has actually watched movies on both formats would never call one or the other garbage. The people at Sony started this format war because they are greedy, HD DVD was chosen as the successor format to DVD. To the fine folks at Sony, this didn’t bring in as much cash as if they created their own similar format, and took all the money for themselves. This being the main reason why people got to fork over $599 for a PS3 and it being so hard to find. So maybe all of you should think for a minute before you so eagerly throw all your money at a company that is so greedy that they have been known to ‘plant’ spies on chatrooms to ‘tout’ Sony products to children, while pretending to be children.

  15. DaveBG:

    imaballa, that’s just not true.

    Blu-rtay occasionally chooses not to use it’s region coding, that’s all.

    It is 100% not true to pretend that Blu-ray is region free.

    HD DVD meanwhile is 100% region free everytime.

  16. DaveBG:

    imaballa, Michael Bay came out with garbage about HD DVD before and had to publicly admit he was wrong about HD DVD once before.

    He’s just wrong again.

    (and why should he have any special ‘insider’ knowledge about any of this, since when was a hired director supposed to know all about the technical specs of a media format or the supposedly secret Microsoft strategy!?)

    The idea that any country (with maybe the exceptions of Sth Korea, Japan and Sweden) has the kinds of connections necessary for Bay’s nonsense is just laughable.
    From slow speeds to download limits we are a long long way off of that terribel & scary Microsoft boogeyman.

    Wake up

  17. imaballa:

    Dave, he has more of a special insider knowledge about it because he sit with the board of directors of Paramount regarding the issue.

    Microsoft is known for putting insurance policies in place.
    They have said themselves they have entered the video game console race to prevent, yes the key word prevent Sony from putting a home media center in everybody’s living room. Another insurance policy to safeguard their movement towards the home media center, (having a PC not only in their bedroom, but in their living room). (Windows Media Center)

    Michael Bay bitched and protested with the boards of Paramount but he lost and was told to shutup and put out basically, however Steven Spielberg was smart enough and had the forsight to put it in writing all of the movies he directs will be on blu-ray format. Smart guy.

    ds45: Microsoft is the greedy company here, everyone knows their shaddy tactics of bulling smaller companies and taking over them.

  18. Flossie:

    Hello! I could have sworn I’ve visited this blog before but after going through some of the articles I realized it’s new to me.
    Regardless, I’m definitely happy I came across it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back

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