Toshiba gives SSDs a push with new drives

December 10, 2007

Toshiba gives SSDs a push with new drivesWhat does Toshiba have in store for the next CES? Storage – as in high-performance solid state drives coming in 32, 64 and 128GB capacities.

Dell’s already been including SSDs as options for its newer range of notebooks but with Toshiba joining the market, it gives hope to those desiring large-capacity flash memory hard disks.

No prices have been released as yet but samples will be shipped out by February, with mass production due to begin by March 2008.

This may be good news indeed for those longing for an SSD to call their own – they’re lighter and with the absence of moving parts, are theoretically less prone to latency thus having faster startup times. There are many other benefits to an SSD drive which would make them incredibly attractive…if they weren’t so expensive. Current estimates: 1GB of SSD costs US$8 compared to a mere $0.25 for a standard mechanical drive.

What is certain is that Toshiba will likely be featuring more of these drives in their ultraportable PCs, with other manufacturers likely to follow suit. 2008 just might be the year of the SSD.

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