T-Mobile blocks access to Twitter, Twitter-fiends suffer withdrawal

December 15, 2007

T-Mobile blocks access to Twitter, Twitter-fiends suffer withdrawal Twitter-fiends across the United States may be suffering withdrawal as T-Mobile is blocking their SMS updating abilities.

It seems a new policy is coming to light at T-Mobile regarding their right to block access to third-party applications.  According to AlternaGeek, what appeared to a minor inconvenience of the past couple days, is a full on block of access to the 40404 short code SMS number for Twitter.

Over at BibleBoy’s blog, he has received a response from T-Mobile in regards to the situation, and it sure isn’t cause to get anyone’s hope up of this policy being changed any time soon.

T-Mobile would like to bring to your attention that the Terms and Conditions of service, to which you agreed at activation, indicate “… some Services are not available on third-party networks or while roaming. We may impose credit, usage, or other limits to Service, cancel or suspend Service, or block certain types of calls, messages, or sessions (such as international, 900, or 976 calls) at our discretion.” Therefore, T-Mobile is not in violation of any agreement by not providing service to Twitter. T-Mobile regrets any inconvenience, however please note that if you remain under contract and choose to cancel service, you will be responsible for the $200 early termination fee that would be assessed to the account at cancellation.

While T-Mobile is within the right as set by their contract, it doesn’t make it any nicer on the customers who had been using the text messaging for Twitter.  And, as the company representative so kindly pointed out, if this is enough to make you want to change companies, it will cost the $200 cancellation fee.

To all the T-Mobile customers out there, you may want to also contact customer service to let them know you would again like access to your Twitter code.

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2 Responses to “T-Mobile blocks access to Twitter, Twitter-fiends suffer withdrawal”

  1. Ontario Emperor:

    There is good news in all of this – when Verizon tried to block the NARAL SMS code, public pressure caused them to reverse their decision within 24 hours.

  2. Cindy Sue Causey:

    Comes to Mind to wonder how much the upcoming inauguration may have played into this decision.. Wondering out loud if this company is prominent in that area.. :)

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