Windows Vista named biggest technology disappointment of 2007

December 17, 2007

Windows Vista named biggest technology disappointment of 2007Windows Vista has been out almost a year now, and despite what our resident Vista fan Jonathan Schlaffer may tell you, it’s been a failure so far. And now that failure has been honoured with an award, for the biggest technology disappointment of 2007.

PC World have compiled their list of the 15 Biggest Tech Disappointments of 2007, and Vista has stormed its way to the top of the table, although some of the others on the list are also deserving of a bit of ridicule too.

Awarding Vista the number one spot, here are some of the quotes PC World gave explaining the decision:

“Five years in the making and this is the best Microsoft could do?”

“Searching and wireless networking are much faster and easier than under XP.”

“Despite its hefty hardware requirements, Vista is slower than XP.”

“At $399 ($299 upgrade) for Windows Ultimate, we couldn’t help feeling more than a little gouged.”

Harsh words indeed. I’m not a fan myself, as it’s just not as good as XP on so many performance scales, and that’s comparing a 5 year old operating system, with a brand new one. Plus the amount of memory it takes just to operate is unforgivable, in a time when most people are calling for less system bloat. Maybe the forthcoming Windows 7 will fix these issues.

The full list is as follows:

15. Amazon Unbox
14. Municipal WiMax
13. Social Networks
12. Internet Security
11. Microsoft Zune
10. Wireless Carriers
9. Office 2007
8. Apple “Leopard” OS 10.5
7. Voice Over IP
6. The Broadband Industry
5. Apple iPhone
4. Yahoo!
3. Facebook Beacon
2. The High-Def Format War
1. Windows Vista

You can visit the list on PC World’s website to read the reasons why each of the above made the list, but I have to say I agree with the vast majority of comments.

Both Apple and Microsoft came in for a bit of a mauling, which seeing as the two of them are increasingly similar in their policies, and efforts to control the market, is harsh but fair.

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6 Responses to “Windows Vista named biggest technology disappointment of 2007”

  1. Jonathan:

    Networking is much easier in Vista, not XP, if all you want is a basic LAN or WiFi connection, it is much faster and easier in Vista.

    The rest of the arguments might have merit if you are running an ancient single core system with 512MB of memory and an old 32MB video card.

  2. Marco:

    Vista search is one of the best thing of the OS and blow away every other OS for simplicity and usefullness.
    Price is a silly complain, 98 % of sales are on OEM and are in line with win xp OEM prices and boxes prices are the same of WIN XP (apart ultimate edition).
    Ending comment…when a new OS is faster that the oldest? (including linux or macs os) every new OS include new functionality, new look and more and more slowness (see Ubuntu, now need more memory than win XP to operate)

  3. Ken:

    People who try to defend Vista always sound like the battered wife telling everyone how their mate is a misunderstood but basically decent man. I can’t find anything Vista does that justifies it’s huge leap in resource requirements. Now it’s my fault Vista doesn’t run well with a gig of RAM and a recent, but not cutting edge CPU? Why is an anti-virus needed for Microsoft OSes and not the other major OSes? What other OS family uses wipe and reinstall as an acceptable method to solve issues? Jonathon’s blaming users equipment would be much more palatable if Vista had tossed out backward compatibility ala Apples OS9-OSX with the improved file system and all 64 bit code. As far as Marco’s Ubuntu comment, it’s news to me and the 512 meg Gutsy installations I use everyday. Even if true, you could use Xbunutu, Flux or GOS that has all the benefits of the new kernel, but a lighter resource footprint.

  4. Ole Juul:

    I’ve don’t think any of the common operating systems are very good, but I must say the Vista apologists seem to have a slightly arrogant tone here. Since when is a single core system “ancient” … maby to someone who wasn’t around in the “old days” of single core … give me break. Also, no matter how you look at it, price _is_ an issue. I pride myself on having a bit of technological proficiency, so paying much money for my computers, and definately for my OS, is a little embarassing. Other people might just not be able to afford a newer computer regardless of their philosophy. In any case, whether or not Vista is ready for the desktop, it’s certainly not ready for mine … not if they’re going to have the gall to charge for it.

  5. Marco:

    No one (not me anyway) tell around to use Vista on older machines..but the most slowing down piece of hardware for vista is the ram, how much it cost to buy 1 gb of ram today?
    But i see vista as a OS for new machines not to upgrade older PC and it cost as Win xp cost (see oem or boxed prices of the 2 OS) so on prices it is on par.
    On the Antivirus (and backdoors) it is true that VIsta need an antivirus because it (and XP) are the prime targhet of Virus programmers…Linux (any flavour) OSX and others have not virus because no one gain money by that, when their market share gain number we will see virus on that sistems, simply.
    On wipe and reinstall, why blame vista on that? it is an issue of Win XP.
    Last on memory needed for OS..i could use micro linux distro but windows is a OS for the most large user base so it targhet anyone and especially user that want a bit of anything so compare it with Ubuntu or OSX not mini distro and if you want to prove there is Win XP embedded for tin client that run blazing fast on low powered cpu and low memory (and install in 230 mb or hd) but is a bit stripped down in graphic mode .

  6. Darko:

    omg this article is actually giving Vista way too much credit still. (more publicity) me personally i run an intel core 2 quad Q6600 oc’d to 2.8 Ghz w 4gb DDR2 1066 ram, and yes a huge difference between xp and vista. yes vista is the worst thing at the moment as its still new, but what were people saying when xp first came out? just about the same thing till xp sp 1 came out. xp actually turned out to be a great os later on. and no, i am in no ways comparing the functionality of xp to vista though, although comparing vista to the older Windows ME would be a better comparison. Win ME was a total flop till xp came out, and i hope and pray that vista is just like WinME till windows 7 comes out. VISTA= GARBAGE
    Direct X 10? – maybe the only thing that forces the gaming side of pc’s to switch over but there are more and more registry hacks appearing to run these DX10 games on XP i.e. Crysis
    Hey, who am i to say anything? we the people mean NOTHING anymore really, so of course the BIG companies like microsoft can force what they want on consumers like us and we have to smile and take it from the backside like good labrats. they stop supporting for XP and make the people spend more and more money on newer stuff and their products. sounds more like capitalism more than anything manipulate the people and FORCE them to buy their products!!! think what you want do what you want. and no, like i said before i run an intel core 2 quad q6600 and 4gb ddr2 1066 ram, and the performance difference is clear. VISTA IS HIGHLY ANNOYING to say the least!

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