Windows XP driver support begins to end

December 21, 2007

nodriver It’s official, manufacturers are starting to dump Windows XP support entirely and some new models won’t even have Windows XP drivers or any kind of support available, anywhere.  One reader, “Mark” contacted us regarding installing Windows XP on his HP V6610 (AU) laptop which is the V6620 in the US.

“Mark” said when he went to the HP driver/downloads section that very few Windows XP drivers were available for it and he was right, there were almost no useful drivers for the laptop there.

His call to HP support didn’t get very far as “HP is no longer supporting Windows XP on the newer PCs.”

Almost all new computers will ship with a version of Vista be it Basic, Premium, Business or Ultimate and deciding to install Windows XP might be problematic if not all the drivers are available.  It’s also doubtful that the drivers will ever be available so you may as well stick with Vista.

Personally, I’ve not had that many problems with Vista, sure I had issues in the past but most of those have been resolved now and I would also have all my hardware working, despite the operating system.

Of course, those of you with Windows Vista and older hardware can attempt to install XP drivers, sometimes they take, sometimes they don’t but its a guarantee that Vista drivers do not work on Windows XP.

If you are not aware, Windows XP OEM will cease production in early 2008 so many manufacturers see no reason to provide Windows XP drivers for their newer hardware which will likely be running on a PC with Vista installed.

I wish I had better news for you, “Mark” that there was a source for Windows XP drivers for the laptop but it just doesn’t seem to be out there.

My guess is that other manufacturers are going to follow this model sooner rather than later.  Models that shipped with Windows XP should be unaffected just don’t expect driver updates.

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