Apple MacBook Top of Amazon’s PC charts

December 24, 2007

Apple MacBook Top of Amazon's PC charts O come all ye shoppers…to Amazon and buy pretty 120GB white Macbooks. Because enough of your brethren have done so this Christmas Eve, making the model the top-selling PC on

Fortune‘s done a nice piece on Apple’s heavy presence in the Amazon tech top 10, where two other Macbooks also make an appearance. Yes, I can see it now: "All I want for Christmas is an Apple". Of course the various rebates ranging from USD75 to USD150 don’t hurt either. Though I must say that Fortune has a good point about noticing that the Macbooks are selling despite "competition from machines with more than twice the memory and price points hundreds of dollars lower."

Why a Mac? Is style really worth more than substance? Are Apple advertising campaigns that effective? There a myriad of reasons why MacBooks are making a dent in the market but my finger is on that elusive word: accessibility. I don’t think it’s the iPod effect but honestly, unless you’re a businessman who wants a ‘serious-looking’ notebook, a white Macbook is a statement of personal style. It doesn’t help that right now, a new Apple OS X looks pretty darn more attractive than the public relations nightmare that is Vista.

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