University of Maine law students fight the RIAA

December 29, 2007

University of Maine law students fight the RIAAStudents across the nation have become the hapless targets of the RIAA’s campaign against piracy; many of those students are completely ill-prepared to defend the allegations being brought against them, financially and otherwise. For two students at the University of Maine, the student advocates in the school’s law program have taken up the case to fight the RIAA’s lawsuit.

Two students, unnamed at this time, have been targeted by the RIAA in its latest series of lawsuits, and The University of Maine’s Cumberland Legal Aid Clinic has allowed law students Hannah Ames and Lisa Chmelecki to take up the cases, according to p2pnet.

Both students are very interested in both aiding the two anonymous defendants, as well as making an impact nationally regarding the legality of the RIAA’s student-focused attacks.

Recording Industry vs. The People’s Ray Beckerman, an experienced practicing lawyer himself, said:

“The RIAA’s campaign employs a false legal theory, nonexistent evidence, illegal ‘ex parte’ practices to catch the students off guard, and improper joinder of unrelated cases, to make it economically and practically impossible for the students to fight back. By taking up their cause, university law school legal clinics can make an important contribution to copyright jurisprudence at this historic time, and allow the cases to be decided on their merits, rather than on default.

John Newton of P2Pnet said, ““If other student from clinics not only in the US but around the world follow the examples of Ames and Chmelecki, the stage will be set for a series of confrontations and lightning strikes even the highly paid expert Big 4 legal teams won’t be able to handle.”

Hopefully the efforts of these two ambitious law students will make an positive statement nationally that students won’t be oppressed and persecuted unfairly by the tactics of the RIAA’s legal departments any longer, and will inspire other students to stand up and utilize their legal rights as U.S. citizens as well.

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