Gizmodo’s CES prank makes entire community look bad

January 12, 2008

untitled-3 In case you haven’t been keeping up with developing CES stories, a popular tech blog, Gizmodo, decided to play pranks on vendors and presentations.  Not only did this make them look "unprofessional," it made the entire tech blogging community look bad.

I know what you’re thinking "making the blogging community look bad," yes, there are those of us concerned with a reputation and keeping it free of stains and dirt.

Gizmodo thought it would be funny to use a TV B Gone remote to shut down various displays on the show floor and during presentations.  A lot of people put a lot of time and money into making CES go off without a hitch and Gizmodo single handedly destroyed all that work.  And the people at CES have a hard enough job as it is without someone mucking up the works.

While it may appear "light humor" and "fun and games," I assure you the folks and corporations present at CES do not think so.  The staff member responsible has been banned from attending future CES events and further actions may be taken against Gawker media and Gizmodo, it wouldn’t surprise me if everyone from Gizmodo was banned.

It’s hard enough for bloggers to get in to CES as it is since the CEA (which is responsible for CES) didn’t really care for them being present in the first place.  What makes things worse is that Gizmodo was invited under a "guest press pass" and proceeded to use it not for good, but for evil and I’m sure they earned many "dark side" points for it, Emporer Palpatine is proud of you.

The CEA is likely to reevaluate the position of allowing bloggers to attend CES in the future and at the very least will make it harder for blogs to get their writers and staff in to the show.

On a related note, some that were invited as bloggers complained about the amenities in the blogger area as compared to the "real" press area.  The press area was closer to the show floor and had better accommodations, reports say the blogger area was smaller and a good distance from the show.

I don’t understand the point of complaining because it seems that bloggers had access to the press area and the press had access to the bloggers area so… yeah, I got nothing.

I guess some people aren’t happy enough being invited to attend the show, no one is forcing you so drop out and let those of us that would actually appreciate being there attend.

But that may not happen now, so a (sarcastic) thank you goes out to the folks at Gizmodo for making jobs harder, and angering the very entity that makes the show happen.  I’m sitting around waiting for the first company to sue Gizmodo over the incident.

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4 Responses to “Gizmodo’s CES prank makes entire community look bad”

  1. will:

    just a bit of fun for your lunch time
    i highly doubt you guys will look back in a years a years time and go grrrrrrrrrrr
    also the “blogging community” sounds more like you, and you sound jealous because you werent there

  2. Jonathan Schlaffer:


    It only takes one to mess it up for everyone and that’s up to the CEA commission to decide which is still being done, what if they do ban blogs or at least limit the number that attend each year, that would be bad, wouldn’t it? It would be.

    As for being jealous of not being there, no. Yes, I would like to have attended but it was realistic to expect not attending this year and sure, I’d have been really upset under the pretense of hoping to go only to get turned away at the last second but that did not happen, we knew we weren’t going from the get go.

    But now things just got a little harder, didn’t they? Yes they did, thanks Gizmodo.

    The only real way to know is see what transpires in the coming months or next year.

  3. Ken:

    Bravo Jonathan. That juvenile behavior was uncalled for and served no useful purpose. Someone watch too many Punk’d reruns.

  4. Matt:

    I’m so jealous!! I wish I could have walked around all day looking at shiny expensive things for no purpose other than to write about them.

    Nah, not really. But someday I would like to sabotage a Gizmodo event and see what sense of humor they have when it’s their jobs on the line.

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