Brazil bans pitifully outdated online games Everquest, Counterstrike

January 19, 2008

Brazil bans pitifully outdated online games Everquest, CounterstrikeA moment of silence is in order, as the Brazilian government has finally put two aged online titles, Everquest and Counterstrike, to rest; though undoubtedly nerds across Brazil weep tears of anguish at the losses, the powers that be believe the two games to be responsible for inciting violence in the already bloody atmosphere, and that the games are “harmful to consumers’ health.”

According to the AFP, some talented modders even created variations of Counterstrike that closely resembled the the streets of Rio de Janeiro, in which players could take on the characters of local cops or drug traffickers in the bloody games.

The recent onslaught of “distressed” youths who spend too much time with video games has encouraged the Brazilian government to take steps to protect its youth from troubled existences. It seems that, for those higher-ups, the best place to start purging online video games is at the very beginning…literally.

The government must not have received word that new, more addictive titles like World of Warcraft have been created in the 9 years since Everquest and Counterstrike began destroying the unwary lives of gamers everywehere. Perhaps that ban will arrive in another 7 or so years.

No word yet from Sony Online Entertainment or Sierra, the studios responsible for the dangerous games, as to how devastating the loss of profits from the 8 remaining copies of each game will be.

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5 Responses to “Brazil bans pitifully outdated online games Everquest, Counterstrike”

  1. Saddletramp:

    “harmful to consumers’ health.” and a complete waste of bandwidth and human life!

  2. aaron:

    why are people who play these specific games nerds? or are all mmo players nerds? or was this just sarcasm that i just miss somewhere?

  3. Tanya:

    Online games have been expanding like nothing on the Internet.
    Many new online gaming sites have come up.
    Even I’m a big sucker of online games. They are susually easy on systems, have a light theme and can be interesting without getting addictive.

    Some of the latest that I came across are from Zapak is has now launched games even for the mobile platform. Given the mobile phones penetration, this is a huge add-on. Now we can easily play games while commuting etc.. Just loved the way they have structured the games in this category.

    Here is the link

  4. Matt:

    Counter-strike is still actively played and very popular so this might actually hurt valve who still sells it for $10 on steam.

    as for everquest; well ya that has been ditched long ago



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