Yahoo – Shakeups, Layoffs, What Next?

January 20, 2008

Yahoo - Shakeups, Layoffs, What Next? Ever since Jerry Yang’s return to Yahoo’s helm, observers have been waiting to see what’s next. Yahoo badly needs a shakeup, what with newer search engine Google snatching up other smaller startups, the bigger Internet advertising pie not to mention most of the limelight. Now the buzz is on Yahoo again as a tipster claims Yahoo’s about to get rid of 1,500-2,500 jobs in the next two weeks.

Silicon Insider Alley says they have insider information that Yahoo’s likely to axe a couple of thousand jobs. TechCrunch also reported Yahoo telling a group of 30 or so employees to turn in their computers, their jobs being terminated in 60 days. Said employees would be free to look for other jobs within the company though it’s likely they’d be better off looking elsewhere with the purported big round of layoffs coming.

Layoffs are nothing new in the industry and before people start getting jumpy and predicting another dot-com crash, let’s remember Intel’s mass layoff rounds a couple of years back. As Yang attempts to clean house and keep only the really productive divisions alive, it’s inevitable that some positions will be made redundant.

Yahoo’s found itself going into to many directions too far in its mad catchup game with Google. The Brand Universe project, for instance, that created widgetized landing pages for big brands lasted only a year before being killed. Yang currently is gunning to make Yahoo the start page of choice for consumers but how that is going to translate into Yahoo’s fortunes improving is anyone’s guess.

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3 Responses to “Yahoo – Shakeups, Layoffs, What Next?”

  1. asdf:

    I think you may be too harsh. Our worldwide economy is in the ruts because of similar attitudes. Instead of fixing something it’s always the wall street attitude of gut it and take the profits. Personally I’ve been disgusted with yahoo for many many years. But every time they bring in new management it seems to just get worse. I’d like to see them finally fix their problems instead of just changing them.

  2. J.J.:

    The management isn’t really new. Yang is a founder. Sue’s the former CFO. They both worked closely with Terry Semel (who is currently sitting on the board, cashing in his stock options.) They all bear a lot of responsibility for the current mess the company is in.

    Cutting the worker bees isn’t necessarily improve things if the same guys who crashed the ship in the first place are still in command.

  3. fencze:

    I agree with Dark Sista.

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