Windows Vista more secure than Linux? Microsoft slams open source

January 24, 2008

Windows Vista more secure than Linux? Microsoft slams open source Microsoft just published a report that compares vulnerabilities and security updates over the last year for Windows Vista, XP, Linux and Mac OS X. No surprise here, but with these measurements, Windows Vista comes out on top.

Jeff Jones, Director in the Microsoft Security Technology Unit wrote the report and describes it as “a vulnerability analysis, which may provide some elements that could be part of a broader security analysis.”

The report doesn’t directly communicate that Windows Vista is more secure and Jones acknowledges that by writing “So, this is not an analysis of ‘the security’. I don’t look at protective mechanisms and see how they might protect in certain scenarios. Nor do I look at security features and see how they might enable better privacy or help secure business process. And I certainly don’t look at how easy it is to manage the security policy for these products.”

But, the frequency of updates portrayed in charts like the one below certainly paints a rosy picture for Windows Vista.

One year patch event weekly histogram

While this may indicate that those using Linux will need to apply more patches, security overall is left as an open question.

In a previous comparison of Linux Red Hat Enterprise to Windows Server, Microsoft criticizes open source, writing “empirical evidence that the ‘everyone can see the code’ approach to software security doesn’t work for Red Hat”.

The company also considers interoperability between distributions of Linux to be a major liability and backs its opinion up from a university professor, “with enough development effort, you can make just about any technology work with any other technology, however, with Microsoft products, we get a fast, cost-effective path to interoperability.”

While Microsoft is able to continue destroying the credibility of the Linux movement and scare potential customers away with integration concerns and security fears it will continue to dominate in the operating system industry.

With all that said, it’s clear Microsoft is scared.

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3 Responses to “Windows Vista more secure than Linux? Microsoft slams open source”

  1. Patrick L.:

    They just gave the assignment of trying to build a cluster of Sametime servers. Can’t find out much information about how to do that. It is written in Java because it is SLOW! All the open source stuff is a joke because companies are dumb enough to think that it is free when in reality it is not because you have to spend many hours trying to configure the software with no tech support thus wasting labor dollars. Open source is good for prototyping but when it comes to building real projects that we can deliver on time and on budget it ends up doing neither! But it is free! Right!

  2. Marron Wrigan:

    On Windows or Linux you need tu buy teck support

  3. Michael Howard:

    That is so not true. I have built Linux servers and did not have to get tech support. You do NOT spend many hours configuring the software. It does just work, I have used Ubuntu Linux both Desktop and server for 5 years with out trouble. In the event you do need help you can get it for free. I have seen this with my own eyes. I have seen Linux server’s running in many business’s and were really happy after they migrated from windows. I have helped schools migrate from Windows to Ubuntu Linux desktop and server and they had cut there IT budget by about 60% which they spent for more pc’s for the students.

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