Gmail OUTAGE, relying on Google too much?

January 28, 2008

image Google services are usually rock solid reliable, but earlier today some Gmail users lost service for a couple of hours. That begs the question, are we relying on Google too much?

Gmail outages are peppered over the last few years and every time it creates a flurry of activity as businesses and individuals realize how much they rely on a single business and platform for all of their messaging needs.

The same concept is mirrored with search engine traffic, where many people don’t even realize there are search engines out there other than Google.

Search engine traffic

Interestingly, Google has built upon an ad-supported business model and has enabled an expectation by customers of 100% uptime—at no cost to them. Perfection is something most businesses admire and aspire to, but rarely achieve. Google has certainly distinguished itself from the crowd, but when outages like this affect so many people it’s a sign that competition isn’t fierce enough.

But, until the market stabilizes and new competitors demonstrate compelling value propositions, back up your Gmail account.

Part of the problem for new startups is an intimidating barrier to entry. Google regularly releases updates to Gmail, commands glacial amounts of traffic and attracts attention from the press on a daily basis.

Though Google expresses a policy of “do no evil”, the sheer breadth of its services causes unintentional hardships for others, and privacy is a great example of that.

Thankfully, so far, Google has followed through on its benevolent intentions. Gmail regularly scans through e-mails looking for keyword matches for paying sponsors, but Google has an ear open to privacy advocates.

It just announced support of a Data Privacy Day, “as more and more personal information comes online every day, it’s increasingly important that users all over the world understand both the benefits and potential risks of online data sharing, and the tools at their disposal to control and manage the data they share online. In recognition of the global importance of data protection, the U.S. and Canada have joined 27 European countries to celebrate Data Privacy Day 2008 this Monday, January 28th.”

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6 Responses to “Gmail OUTAGE, relying on Google too much?”

  1. Pratheep:

    My suggestion is to configure your Gmail account via pop or imap and download your emails into your hard disk and backup it. I always do it.


  2. MAxel:

    To me, it seems Gmail is running into lots of quality problems recently. Not just downtimes, but also browser issues.

    It’s clear that Google is the new Microsoft in power – does anyone else feel like me they are also the new Microsoft in terms of quality?

  3. Format6:

    I wouldnt say Google is like Microsoft in terms of quality. Maybe in size and infulence on the online world but personaly I would say google is WAY ahead of MS in terms of quality of product, usefullness and quality of the brand not to mention price!

    No company is perfect but IMHO google even with the few outages is way up there.

  4. Bob:

    Google is down again (4/24 & 4/25/2008) – and it has been down for at least 12 hours. This is occurring more and more, and I can no longer trust Google. I’m switching back to my ISP. This is getting ridiculous. Even Lycos is more reliable than Google.

  5. Vijay Thakur (develpment team member):

    Hello ,

    I am one of the development team member and I would like to say that we have to prepare for such situation always because “Prevention is better than cure”..
    and to prevent such losses, we need to have regular backup for email acocunt.
    There is a simple tool called Beyond Inbox which lets you enable to take backup and provides many different feature. Follow the link-–how-to-backup-emails-from-imap-account.html

  6. Webmaster:

    A back up is always a necessity no matter how much reliable your mail provider is.

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