Everex boss talks trash, plans to crush EeePC with touchscreen CloudBooks

February 7, 2008

Everex boss talks trash, plans to crush EeePC with touchscreen CloudBooksForget overpriced, underequipped ultra-portables, the future battles of the ultraportable market will be fought with low-cost laptops like the Asus Eee PC. Director of Marketing at Everex, Paul C. Kim, isn’t about to let Asus capture this new market alone, and he’s making his feelings towards Asus’ latest money-maker public.

The CouldBook, Everex’s answer to the Eee PC, will be released February 15th via Walmart’s online store. The ClouldBook boasts several improvements over the Eee including a substantially larger HDD and an "improved" Linux OS. Future revisions will include solid state drives, "feminine" colors, larger  screens, and the company plans to release a touchscreen model to developers around April or May.

Though it’s nice for Everex to walk-the-walk, it’s just as amusing for the company to talk-the-talk. In an interview with Laptop Magazine, Kim made it clear that his product is better than the Eee PC.

"We have 30GB; they don’t. We have digital video out; they don’t. We built in a high quality webcam; they didn’t. We have a [4-in-1] media card reader; they don’t. Keyboard and screen size are the same, but we do out-spec them at the current price point."

But he doesn’t stop there, no. Apparently Ubuntu’s just a "Windows knock-off."

"Ubuntu was a bit on the plain side and it was still a bit Microsoft-esqe. So we have made this version a bit more unique so people don’t feel like they are getting a Windows knock-off."

The verbal daggers hit Xandros!

"As for Xandros, I think that OS is ok."

Well, the trash-talk wasn’t too hurtful, and he was just trying to sell his product in the interview, which is full of extra information if the Everex CloudBook tickles your fancy. This is definitely a product to watch once it hits the market, and it may be a better fit than Asus’ machine if you can’t convince yourself to buy the Eee.

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