5 more add-ons to make Firefox more productive

February 10, 2008

5 more add-ons to make Firefox more productive Opera and Safari both have their places on Mac and Windows but both are less extensible than Firefox is which makes that browser more useful in my opinion.  This is a continuation of our previous post “5 add-ons to make Firefox safer and faster.”  These add-ons aren’t necessarily for security reasons or to make it faster but they do enhance it in one way or another.

The previous add-ons, in case you didn’t want to read that post were:

Adblock Plus



Session Manager

Firefox Showcase and Vista-Aero

The first four of those are almost essential for every Firefox user to have, the theme is a personal preference.  Here are five more add-ons that are worthy of your consideration.

1.  Restart Firefox, this little add-on puts a “restart Firefox” button on a toolbar of your choice.  This allows you to restart Firefox with one click after installing/uninstalling themes or add-ons.  Very handy for those who like to experiment with things that may not be kept.

2.  Resizeable Form Fields, when a form field is too small or too big, resize it.  This is a feature that is part of Apple’s Safari browser and this add-on brings it to Firefox.  If a form field isn’t the size you need, you will be able to expand or shrink it based on how big or small you need it.

3.  PicLens, it makes browsing photos from within Firefox oh so much easier (and pretty).  It provides you a 3D view and lines a virtual “wall” with the images related to your search.  Scroll along to see them all.  I like this so much that I wish there were an offline version that did this for images on stored on the hard drive.

4.  How’d I get Here?  This has happened to all of us.  You’ve been browsing a website and followed link after link but now you want to go back to the original source.  Where is it?  How’d I get Here to the rescue, it will take you back to the originating page so you don’t need to click “back” a million times.  It even works if the link was opened in a new tab.

5.  Fission.  What can I say about this one?  Fission has one purpose and only one purpose, it ads a page loading “progress” bar to the URL field.  It’s very similar to a Safari feature.  I like this because it ads a little bit of flare to Firefox.  This may be down to personal preference but I thought I’d share it with you.

Fission looks better when used with the Vista-Aero theme.  I tried pairing it with several made for Firefox “OSX Safari” themes but the two didn’t mesh well with each other.

Are there any add-ons/themes you would like to share with us?  Drop a comment or contact us.

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2 Responses to “5 more add-ons to make Firefox more productive”

  1. Derek:

    Firefox is the king of plugins holding a special place in people’s heart, but I think this is its biggest flaw and a major reason I stay away.

    I’m always being told that I should get this plugin and that plugin and Firefox will not only be the best browser ever, but it will make a mean grilled cheese…mmmm. While a grilled cheese sounds tasty this is the problem. I shouldn’t have to install one or two plugins or no plugins. The miryad of plugins that you can install is unecessary.

    I’m a Opera user and a Firefox user with a Web Tools and Reg.Expression plugins. I always use Opera and feel that as a browser it is the best alternative to IE, not Firefox. I believe this because all I have to do is download it and it is fast, secure, offers amazing features and tools, good memory managment, Speed Dial feature, and perfect integration with my mobile web.

    Opera, for me, wins over Firefox because it’s great right out of the box. I don’t need to download plugins to tune it up. What the team at Mozilla should do is include what they see as the most essential plugins in the installation of the browser. This would allow Firefox to be better integrated with a core set of plugins, making the browser experience better. :)

  2. Joshua:

    I agree with you Derek, but here is the problem with integrating it into firefox. it would require firefox to make sure an update any security holes with all the new features and keep them going well. now that is good and all, but it MAY draw away from the core or the program. The security issues in that and making the core better.

    So, it may be a good idea, it may not be, to integrate all of it together

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