Blu-Ray victory turns HD-DVD players into fancy DVD players

February 19, 2008

HD-DVD players become fancy DVD players with Blu-Ray's victory Early adopters sometimes get the short end of the stick.  Apple iPhone owners, MiniDisc users, fans of UMD movies and just recently, HD-DVD adopters.  Now that Blu-Ray has won, that HD-DVD player of yours is going to depreciate faster than a Ford Escort when driven off the lot.

If you’re now an unlucky HD-DVD owner there are several options open to you.  Sell the player and your movies on an auction site and get some of your money back but you’ll be lucky to get 50% of the total price paid back.  Keep it and your movies and have both your HD-DVD and Blu-Ray collection.

Or, just keep the HD-DVD player around as an upscale converting DVD player.  Blu-Ray has won, the sooner you move on, the better.  Those aren’t the only uses for your now (almost) useless high-def player.  Engadget has several suggestions you might want to try out for size.  Though, by doing so you won’t be the same sane person you were before.

HD-DVD was short lived and it’s not likely to increase in value.  Laserdisc players being about 20 years old can be picked up on any number of auction sites for between $40 and $100, I cringe to think what they were worth new.

Hang on to it, or cut your losses, if you own an HD-DVD player and have thoughts on the matter, feel free drop us a comment.

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3 Responses to “Blu-Ray victory turns HD-DVD players into fancy DVD players”

  1. Ivan_PSP:

    UMD is a must have so stf^

  2. clif:

    I like UMDs. When it comes to portability they are hard to beat.

  3. americas got talent:

    Very nice information! Didn’nt think the post would be so entertaining.

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