Japanese retailers start HD-DVD for Blu-Ray program

February 23, 2008

Japanese retailers start HD-DVD for Blu-Ray program How amazing it must be to live in Japan.  Japanese retailer, Edion, which has 991 stores is offering customers the chance to trade-in their Toshiba HD-DVD player/recorder for a Blu-Ray player/recorder from Sony, Panasonic or Sharp.

Leave it to the Japanese to do it up right.  It seems the store has a (roughly translated from Japanese), “buy peace of mind, much satisfied,” policy.  Which I would take to mean, above all, satisfy the customer first.

This would be alien to those of us in the US and possibly other parts of the world where retailer mottos are pretty much “above all, satisfy the bottom line.”

According to Gizmodo, if the HD-DVD player being traded is worth less than the Blu-Ray player that the customer wishes to purchase, the difference must be paid.  On the other hand, if it’s worth more then the customer will get a refund.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting all warm and fuzzy feelings on the inside.  Which is completely different from the piercing cold emitted by GameStop which is no longer accepting HD-DVD movies or the Xbox 360 add-on as trade.

The Japanese could teach corporate America a thing or two about customer satisfaction.  I don’t even think “customer satisfaction” is in the playbooks in our part of the world anymore, it’s good to see that it still exists somewhere.

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