Google wants OOXML booted

February 26, 2008

image.png Microsoft is trying to gets its OOXML (Open Office XML) certified by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization). Google instead wants Microsoft to comply to the same standards as everyone else with Open Source. OOXML is not a truly “open” technology, and still allows Microsoft some restrictions on its users, while Open Source is just that: completely open.

While some may make the argument that Google wants market dominance, I don’t think that applies in this case. In fact, the opposite is true – Microsoft has a long history of refusing to comply with internet and industry standards, leaving its users locked out of many capabilities that other computer users enjoy. Refusing to use Open Source in favor of its own technology is just another example of Microsoft’s narrow minded proprietary mind set, more interested in gouging its loyal customers than innovating.

In keeping with Microsoft’s refusal to comply with accepted standards, Open Office XML already failed a standards compliance test in September. In addition, it’s “new release” of its proprietary, operating system hobbled Internet Explorer is also expected to continue failing the litmus tests of compliance, again leaving Microsoft users out in the cold.

The Open Source complaint technology that Google (an pretty much everyone else except Microsoft) wants Microsoft to turn to instead of OOXML is Open Document format, or ODF. Microsoft’s OOXML has also been accused of having poor quality and of relying too much on having Microsoft Office installed to use, similar to Internet Explorer’s ties to Windows. The committee, meeting in Geneva this week, is expected to reach some sort of answer in a few days.


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3 Responses to “Google wants OOXML booted”

  1. Mike:

    What a biased article! Nobody ever bashes Apple. They don’t even allow anybody to write software or build hardware for their operating system without paying huge fees. Microsoft and Google are far more open than that. If you have specific evidence for your claims, please present them. If you just hate Microsoft, please stop blathering on these blogs.

  2. Brad Peterson:

    OOXML does not stand for Open Office XML, it stands for Office Open XML. Small semantic difference but miles apart in real meaning. It is so easily confused with OpenOffice, which DOES support the ISO standard ODF.

  3. aussie-b:

    The naming confusion is intentional…MS marketing team at work: Deliberate obfuscation and confusion.

    While some people reckon OOXML is an open format, (very questionable), its hardly considered an open standard.

    All MS can do is use its dominance in order to turn it into a de-facto standard. (The objective is to protect Microsoft Office).

    This type of thinking is outlined in the case: Comes vs Microsoft.

    Search for “Exhibit 3096″ (The title of the article is called “Effective Evangelism”). It outlines their marketing and manipulation strategy.

    Despite being authored in 1997, it STILL applies today!

    In the last week or so, Microsoft is only becoming generous about documentation specs of their binary formats, because they need OOXML to be pushed through ISO.

    Even then, there is a patent and “non-commercial” catch with their generosity…ie: Its all marketing spin to look like the good guy.

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