Comcast charges $2 to stop junk mail

February 29, 2008

Comcast charges $2 to stop junk mail It would be nice if companies would only send your bill in the mail but sadly that’s not how the systems works.  Sure, you can try to request all the ads/mailers and maybe even get somewhere.  Requesting to stop all other mailers from Comcast will net you a $1.99 “change of service” fee.

“Ian” wrote the Consumerist, explaining exactly what transpired in his conversation with Comcast.  A company rep summed up the situation in this statement:

“It looks like on 2/5/08 you contacted us and requested to have all direct mailers stopped on your account. There is a one time “Change of service” fee associated with making that change on the account.”

Anything the company does is not surprising any longer.  Not to mention, they are alleged to throttle Bittorrent and P2P (peer to peer) traffic.  At first, It denied those allegations but then follows with admitting they do under “certain circumstances.”  And now this.

Now that it is under scrutiny from the FCC, Congress and several watchdog agencies, you’d think it would have learned its lesson.  Comcast is currently leading the “Worst company in America” poll, followed by Best Buy.  Not that being voted “Worst company in America” will change anything.

I’m thinking it won’t really care either way.  At least it’s a “one time” fee and not charged monthly for the privilege of stopping other mailers.  What’s next for Comcast?  Perhaps making customers pay for the “privilege” of having their bill mailed to them.

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3 Responses to “Comcast charges $2 to stop junk mail”

  1. Ralph:

    I would not be surprised if Scamcast decided to charge a fee so the user would not have their service throttled.

  2. Matt:

    That’s scamtastic!!

  3. Anonymous:

    It took about a half dozen calls to Comcast to get them to stop the junk mail. Not being a customer, they could not charge myself a $1.99 fee. It is good to know that is the type of company they are. Stay away.

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