Linux thriving in an anti-Windows Vista market

February 29, 2008

Linux thriving in a Windows Vista anti-market An anti-market has grown up around Windows Vista that was made possible largely by its haphazard design and high price tag. But that works well for Linux, which is enjoying some strong sales growth at Novell.

While Linux is enjoying relative success, Microsoft is trying to stimulate Windows Vista sales growth by announcing price cuts for two products in the Vista family for customers in the US. Vista Ultimate will drop to from $299 to $219 and Home Premium will drop from $159 to $129, according to CNET.

“In an interview, newly minted Windows consumer marketing vice president Brad Brooks said that Microsoft had been testing lower prices over the past few months and was surprised to find that the amount of revenue lost was more than made up for by an increase in the number of PC buyers willing to shell out for an upgrade.”

Could this be a sign that Microsoft is willing to experiment with meeting its customer’s expectations rather than dictating software relationships as it typically does with products like Windows Vista and XP?

Regardless, the longer it takes Microsoft to create compelling pricing for Windows Vista, the more opportunity it creates for Linux to build market share.

Novell knows that and has been successfully marketing its open source platforms like SUSE Linux desktop and server. “Those two platforms produced $28 million in revenue, a 65% increase over the same quarter a year ago,” according to NetworkWorld.

In the current competitive landscape those numbers don’t even approach Microsoft, but it may be another indication that the marketplace is looking for solutions that are cost effective and nimble, which are two flagship features of most open source projects like Linux.

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6 Responses to “Linux thriving in an anti-Windows Vista market”

  1. Ralph:

    With Linux Mint, I can surf the net, watch videos online, listen to my MP3′s, listen to streaming radio. Watch You tube, do email, instant messaging, connect my printer up, use it wirelessly, connect my camera up, burn CDs and DVDs, without paying one thin dime to MS or to anyone….so please tell me why I still need Windows and why Windows is relevant?

  2. CMR:

    don’t be egoistic, think about MS share holders :o(

  3. Yoga:

    I was getting grief with win 3.1, win 95 win ME, then win 98 then windows XP. Calls to microsoft and thousands of dollars spent on their products made me only feel like I was stealing from them when I bought legitimate copies. What made it worse was the constant data loss of being hacked, having to spend hours rebuilding my computer and buying numerous protection softwares that only delayed the inevitable hack and then again my system would get wiped out.

    I tried to erase the hard drives using all available high end security data erase and even tried putting in Ubuntu, which also would still get hacked.

    As a joke one day I bought a $600 mac mini and plugged it in and my problems disappeared. I have never looked back and have saved myself a fortune and have had a computer that runs wonderfully. Its been a simple joy.

    OS X

    Get it and never look back. Its so far ahead and is a joy to use.

  4. Ken:


    Have the doctor change the meds before it’s too late.

    Coherence is good. Your comment not so much.

  5. Get More:

    I have Windows 2000 AS on one of the other drives on my computer. It’s funny before I became a Linux user, I would reformat it all the time to keep it running right, until it got to the point I couldn’t even go online to get the updates before viruses found their way on there. So after I went to school and learned about Linux (2 terms Linux admin) I decided to do the dual boot thing, especially since I could do my labs at home. I slowly adopted it until finally 3 years ago I was down to one annual boot to windows because tax software didn’t work on Linux, and I would fight the good fight trying to kill all the viruses and install TurboTax and hope and pray I wasn’t sending my tax information to some script kiddie.

    Now tax software is web based and supports FireFox (even though there is a disclaimer lol). Now I use Linux 100% of the time. If I want to play video games, that’s why my playstation is for. If I want a computer that runs all day and all night, doing whatever I ask it to do without complaining, playing my .mp3′s without bitching about it or spying on me, and developing Java software, and surfing the net, and editing office documents, that’s what OpenSuse is for. I haven’t restarted my computer in about a year, let alone needed to boot it to Windows, and probably the next time I reboot it will just be because I’m installing the newest version of OpenSuse I downloaded the other day…FOR FREE…

    It’s funny I went to a Microsoft launch event and included was a FREE FULL version of Vista Ultimate. I thought about installing it, but couldn’t think of a compelling reason to bother. If ever I do, it will be to use the free full version of Visual Studio I got from the event, but since I develop exclusively in Java nowadays (the only thing you need for enterprise web application development…not to mention all my tools are $0…) I don’t really see that happening either.

    At work I’m forced to use Windows, but luckily all the software I know and love (NetBeans, FireFox, OpenOffice, various apache servers, etc.) all run in Windows as well, so I just pretend I’m on Linux until I have to reboot it for some security update or other bullshit, then I throw up my hands and go have a smoke break on company time.

  6. Scott Thompson:

    I’ve always been the resident Geek in the family, my mother bless her last year noticed her PC was acting up. WinXP SP3, the anti-virus failed and when she asked me to check it out for her I was horrified to discover 6 back-door trojans and various other file share permissions changed so someone was sharing and using her PC besides herself. I then inspected the HD with more than one AV tried and failed to remove half the infections on it and she was adamant that she didn’t want to re-install and loose all her work. So she went out and bought a new PC at cost and a new AV. The new PC came with Vista Home Premium and last night her anti-virus informed her whilst she was browsing Face-Book that she had been infected. What kind of anti-virus is it that informs you that your infected and then fails to do anything about it?

    Well I did something about it, I gave her hardened Linux and both HD’s containing Windows are due for Destruction via a Low Level format.

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