9-inch EeePC gets higher-res display and choice of XP or Linux

March 4, 2008

9-inch EeePC gets higher-res display and choice of XP or Linux The word is out.  As we reported yesterday, Asus announced a 9-inch version of the EeePC; at that time not much information was available.  The company has now released some additional details.

Just to recap, it is reported that the 9-inch model will have storage options of either an 8GB or 12GB SSD (solid state drive) and 1GB of memory as standard.  Other specs are about the same but it would be surprising if the processor wasn’t upgraded.

The 9-inch display features a resolution of 1024 x 600 which Engadget claims is the same pixel density as the 7-inch model.  That resolution is just enough to be useful.  It was quite limited on the 7-inch model at only 800 x 480.

There’s also the rumor that you will be able to choose between either the customized Linux or Windows XP operating system when it begins shipping.  The 12GB model may cost $600; if the exchange rate is any indication.  Hopefully it won’t but it’s not outside that possibility.

With a choice of Windows XP or Linux, there may be a price difference depending on which operating system you choose to order it with.  It’s been shown that the 7″ model is capable of running Vista; but not very well.  It would have probably hurt sales of the 9″ model if it was a choice of Vista or Linux, most people buying it would probably opt for Linux.

EeePC with XP or Linux is a good decision.  As long as there’s no price difference, XP is the more useful choice.

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4 Responses to “9-inch EeePC gets higher-res display and choice of XP or Linux”

  1. jon:

    Can’t wait, 2gb ram, 16gb SSd, XP 3g card??? SIM? and i can leave my laptops at work and home and use this little one for commuting. Wasn’t impressed by 7″ screen need more power same form factor and low price. Windows XP is the de facto ..Vista sucks remeber KISS.

  2. Jon Packard:

    Let’s not forget that using Linux instead of Windows XP is one of the factors that allowed the Asus EEE PC to have such a low price tag. I would be shocked if the Linux and Windows XP versions of the new EEE PC will have the same price tag. Also, Asus chose Linux for the default OS because it fits very well with the design goals of the product. In some cases, Windows XP may not be as useful as Asus’ customized Xandros. A lower price is not the only benefit of chosing an EEE PC with Linux installed.

  3. Shagbag:

    Although no OEM comes out and says it, there are various reports on the web that an OEM licence for XP costs an OEM around GBP30-50.

    The last I read (and I’ve just combed the MS Press Release site), however, was that M$ was going to stop selling XP licences to OEMs on 30 June 2008. If the 9″ EeePC is coming out ‘mid-2008′ then ASUS will have to take a punt on how many OEM licenses to buy before 1 July 2008.

    Additionally, post-April 2009, XP users will only get XP security updates for free. All other support will have to be paid for.

    There’s also the cost of MS Office to consider. GBP50-300 depending upon which version you want.

    Sure, you can still download and install Open Office on XP but if you’re going to do that, why do you want an XP licence in the first place?

  4. Tippy:

    I read it’s going to be Vista. They’ll be working with Microsoft on a somewhat specialized version — it won’t be a standard install.

    I suspect Microsoft wasn’t going to cut them a reasonable deal so they went with Xandros, then the Microsoft execs involved looked on with horror as the eeePC sold like gangbusters and everyone sang the praises of the default operating system and programs, and pundits prognosticated that more and more sub notebooks would come with Linux. Then went back to Asus and worked things out, i.e. drastically lowered the price on licenses.

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