9-inch EeePC named EeePC 900 and gets detailed specs

March 9, 2008

9-inch EeePC named EeePC 900 gets detailed specs And it came to pass.  Asus saw the EeePC and it was good; it’s even better with a 9-inch display.  Asus has officially named the 9-inch EeePC the EeePC 900 and has released some detailed specs about the low-cost laptop.

The EeePC 900 will be available with either Windows XP or Xandros Linux.  Instead of using flash memory, Asus will be using SSD (solid state drives) for storage this time.  The Windows XP equipped model will ship with an 8GB drive with the Linux models having either 12GB or 20GB capacities.

It did not say why the Linux models were getting larger SSDs.  According to Laptop Mag, The display will be 8.9-inches and has a resolution of 1024 x 600, as previously reported.

The processor used in it is getting an upgrade as well.  The first EeePC 900 units to ship will have VIA processors but Asus says it will adopt Intel’s Diamondville processor for units that ship during and after this year’s second quarter.

My advice is to skip with VIA model and wait for the Intel versions to ship.  Additionally, a design revision is due with Asus saying there will be “More Colors and Stylish Looks.”

Those models will hit in May or June.  The starting price of the new EeePC will be $499 and you can take that to the bank (or rather, out of the bank).

It’s really going to pay to wait for the later models coming in the third quarter as they will also have built-in WiMax and HSDPA.  I’d wait.

As for the redesign, if it’s anything like ECS’s UMPC, they’ll have a winner (or a lawsuit) on their hands.  Right now, ECS wins on looks alone.

Only time will tell exactly what Asus has to show the world.

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11 Responses to “9-inch EeePC named EeePC 900 and gets detailed specs”

  1. Lawrence D'Oliveiro:

    Solid-state drives ARE flash memory.

  2. Guy:

    Could the difference in drive size be because the XP models have a hidden partition with a re-install system like dell machines?

  3. Karl O. Pinc:

    “It did not say why the Linux models were getting larger SSDs.”

    Well, XP costs more money than Linux, so to make the two models cost the same you need to add hardware to the Linux machine. Could it possibly be that Microsoft has slipped some cash under the door to ensure that Linux machines do not sell for less than Microsoft machines? Enough money would make up for the drop in sales due to the higher price.

    Microsoft gained market dominance by being the cheaper choice. I bet they’ll do almost anything to keep from losing the bottom end market segment.

  4. D:

    SSD is NOT necessarily flash. See

  5. DB:

    SSD is NOT necessarily flash. See

  6. lukeen:

    making the linux version a bit better (bigger ssd) to sell it with the same price is even better than what dell does.
    the dell ubuntu machines seem cheaper, but the hardware is also not good as the windows version, and if you choose the same hardware on the ubuntu machine as the vista version has you will get the same price (or even nearly). i’m sure many other vendors (which will sell more and more linux machines) will do the same. that’s evil imho!

  7. Gavin:

    Couldn’t you just but the Linux version and then simply reinstall the OS to be XP???
    Makes sense as you’ll get the bigger HD…

  8. me:

    It may make sense, but why would you want windows? I have both windows and linux on my laptop. Linux runs faster and has fewer crashes than windows. I have enjoyed linux much better than windows, and I don’t even have vista!

  9. pc:

    eee pc girl


  10. Emrah:

    I don’t understand how people can say “why use XP, use linux” I would install XP, because all the programs I use run on it, I don’t have SolidWorks, Protel DXP, or Proteus, or any other real industrial / schematic design program on Linux. I get them all pirate… so why does it even matter? If all you do is to surf the web and chat (or write stuff), that’s another story. Yeah, Linux does have great open source software for all types of areas, but they’re not good enough (with a couple of exceptions, which are no good for me).

  11. Mechanica:

    Your teamwork on this project Is spendid It makes all of our jobs satisfactory Hats off for our dedication!

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