McCain staffer suspended for using Twitter

March 20, 2008

McCain staffer suspended for using TwitterA staffer in the McCain camp was suspended for abusing the internet group micro blog client Twitter. The staffer apparently decided to send around a link to the infamous Reverend Wright speech on YouTube. McCain’s campaign suspended the staff, saying that wasn’t the kind of campaign McCain was interested in running.

The circulated YouTube video proffered the idea that Barack Obama, one of McCain’s potential opponents from the Democratic side was unpatriotic, and also featured several clips of Wright and his incendiary speech. Not only did McCain’s camp dump Soren Dayton like a hot potato, it has been working tirelessly to increase the perceived distance from Dayton.

McCain’s headquarters have released numerous statements about Dayton, saying he acted without their knowledge, and that they don’t want to “run that kind of campaign”. This makes sense, especially against Obama, who has thus far managed to keep his own campaign on the higher moral ground, right down to the lowest level staffer, in spite of Clinton’s repeated mud slinging attacks.

Twitter is a micro blogging client that works in a way similar to instant messaging. It allows users to Tweet, or send out, 140 character messages to the general public and groups of friends and contacts who “follow them”. It has become a favorite way for people to communicate quickly about politics, music and anything else they can think of. Barack Obama has had a Twitter account to alert his supporters of his agenda and schedule since the start of his campaign.


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