Apple iTunes being used to push Safari on to Windows users?

March 21, 2008

Apple iTunes being used to push Safari on to Windows users?Are you one of the millions of Windows users who has Apple iTunes installed on your computer? Then be prepared for what amounts to spam in the form of the Safari browser being offered through the Apple Software Update, regardless of whether Safari has ever been installed before or not.

Microsoft Watch first noticed this apparent trojan horse-like use of the Apple Updater when a pop up appeared on his daughter’s Sony Vaio offering the latest version of the Apple Web browser, Safari 3.1, for download. The problem is, no previous version has ever been installed so this amounts to offering new software through an updater.

Automatic software updaters are becoming the norm, with Windows and Firefox two prime examples. But the difference here is that they only offer updates to what is already installed, rather than spamming users with unwanted software downloads.

iTunes was already objectionable in that it requires Quicktime to be installed alongside it, and this is pushing even more unwanted Apple products on to consumers.

Just because someone wants to pay way over the odds for a known brand and buy an iPod rather than one of the many other cheaper, more user friendly mp3 players on the market, shouldn’t mean that they get lumbered with Apple trying to force other products on to them.

According to Apple Insider, alongside the download came the typical Apple marketing pitch:

“Safari for Windows is the fastest and easiest-to-use web browser for the PC. It displays web pages faster than any other browser and is filled with innovative features — all delivered in an efficient and elegant user interface.”

But what that little blurb fails to mention are the ongoing worries about security risks on Safari, especially for people using Window operating systems.

Of course, Apple isn’t making you download anything, you can always say no, but how many people new to iTunes will blindly click ‘Install’, thinking it’s part of the essential program?

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