WOW! Breaking the space-time continuum with Google’s Gmail Custom Time

April 1, 2008

Gmail Logo A terrific new way to avoid all those guilt inducing moments when you realize you forgot to acknowledge a birthday, or anniversary. Now you can simply send an email today, that will show up yesterday, last month, or last year in the recipient’s box. You can turn the tables and have them thinking THEY are crazy using this simple new application from Google Gmail.

Gmail’s Custom Time will allow you to get that report, exam, paper, appellate brief, tax return or expense report filed on time, even when you are late. No longer will you need to worry about deadlines or fines for late filing. This application may just be the silver bullet that makes Google the greatest company of all time.

Tragically, you will need to limit your dishonesty to 10 times a year due to the scientific discovery that to utilize this service more than 10 times a year would cause people’s basic belief in “time” and “cause and effect” to disintegrate. Imagine a world in which people believed that all events occur at once or that time travel is possible. Unthinkable.

This Custom Time limitation can be combined so that should you forget to email the invitations for your wife’s surprise birthday party on January 3rd and you remember on December 31st, you can use your remaining custom time email changes for that year and then on January 1st, your 10 new custom time email changes. Then your wife’s friends will suffer retribution. The emails are right there in their inboxes appropriately sent and received December 1st. You have just escaped a future of interminable guilt and arguments by judiciously using your custom time allotments.

For those of you without Gmail (are there any fools left?), hurry over to Google and sign up. This is an opportunity that cannot be missed. April 15th is approaching quickly, sign up for Custom Time and relieve the “tax time panic.”

Tomorrow we will explore resurrecting ancestors using Google’s Picassa and old photos.

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One Response to “WOW! Breaking the space-time continuum with Google’s Gmail Custom Time”

  1. MK:

    ‘Eh, I like their previous April Fools jokes better. This is a 4-ish.

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