French anti-piracy lawyer with Logistep banned from practice for 6 months

April 5, 2008

French anti-piracy lawyer with Logistep banned from practice for 6 monthsElizabeth Martin, a French lawyer working with Swiss anti-piracy outfit Logistep has found herself banned from practicing as a lawyer for a period of 6 months.

Well, she should have seen this coming.  Martin took it upon herself to demand €400 from thousands of alleged file sharers that had supposedly been infringing on the rights of Techland and its game, Call of Juarez.

According to Torrentfreak, she sent out letters warning the file sharers that should it be necessary to take them to court that the costs would be substantial.  Alleged offenders were lead to believe they would be found guilty no matter what and would be responsible for their own court fees.  It also stated that any decision against them could amount to "hundreds of thousands of euros."

The letter concluded with,

“If you are not able to pay the damages ordered by the court, our client will seek to gain the amount by the sale of your goods”.

Sounds like a nice lady.  She did not impress her peers with this behavior and has been subject to a Conseil de l’Ordre du Barreau de Paris disciplinary investigation and the subsequent decision was not in her favor.

“By choosing to reproduce aggressive foreign methods, intended to force payments, the interested party also violated [the code] which specifies that the lawyer cannot unfairly represent a situation or seriousness of threat.”

Martin refused to state how many payments, if any, had been paide by alleged file sharers.  The disciplinary board has suspended her from practicing law for a period of 6 months and she was banned from the National Council of the Bars and similar organizations for 10 years.

Talk about having "it" handed to you.  Now, if only the United States could do something similar with Jack Thompson but he hasn’t actually done anything approaching this to anyone, yet.

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One Response to “French anti-piracy lawyer with Logistep banned from practice for 6 months”

  1. 4th guy:

    Well, the court did give ol’ Jack the finger a few weeks ago…

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