Mossberg just joking about new 3G iPhone 2.0 in 60 days

April 8, 2008

Mossberg just joking about new 3G iPhone 2.0 in 60 daysAfter reports surfaced where technology journalist Walt Mossberg was calling for a new 3G iPhone in 60 days (aka iPhone 2.0) it seems that may not be the case.  He now says he was only basing his data on the same thing as the rest of us, slowing of current iPhone production and price cuts.

Reports from Engadget state that’s a little different than saying "there’s going to be a new iPhone in 60 days."  There is going to be a new iPhone at some point but is it going to be within 60 days?  Who knows?  Apple, maybe.

Exactly 60 days from now would be early June and that’s when it’s been widely predicted that a new iPhone would be released.  My guess and it is just that will be a new iPhone before the end of the year, possibly just in time for Christmas.

A 3G iPhone makes sense but 3G data networks in the US lag behind its European counterparts.

No one can say for certain at this time when a 3G iPhone will be released but it will be this year, but that’s the only certain thing about it.  We’ll know when you know and that will be when Apple holds an official press conference and says "the 3G iPhone will be released on…" and that’s that.

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One Response to “Mossberg just joking about new 3G iPhone 2.0 in 60 days”

  1. Ken:

    It’ll be interesting to see what Apple has done to reduce the battery drain of 3G.

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