Windows swallows Danger; burping out Premium Mobile Experiences division

April 15, 2008

Windows swallows Danger; burping out Premium Mobile Experiences division With a $500 million gulp, Windows finished swallowing Danger, but then surprised the masses by burping out a new division entitled Premium Mobile Experiences (PMX). What exactly does this mean?  After all, Microsoft has the Zune and Windows Mobile.  Aren’t those Premium Mobile Experiences?

Apparently not.  Danger is actually part of this new PMX division which is part of “a group within the Mobile Communications Business (MCB) of the Entertainment and Devices Division at Microsoft.”  I think that the former co-founders of Danger, Matt Hershenson and Joe Britt, don’t really want to look too closely at at where they now rank in the Microsoft hierarchy.  Both co founders are part of the new division and report to Roz Ho who is now the Vice President of PMX.

PMX concentrates on the “consumer-facing mobile projects” which further translates in Microsoft speak as “imagine a mobile experience that embraces sharing and celebrating relationships and personal moments”.  I’m not sure but I think Hallmark is writing Microsoft’s copy.  Especially when its ultimate goal is to have people “…smile every time they look at their phone.”

All I can say is, I rarely “smile every time” I look at my phone.  Frequently, I want to smash it, kick it, yell at, or blow it up but rarely have I smiled at it.  Short of incorporating the Comedy Channel, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to smile at their phone every time they look at.

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One Response to “Windows swallows Danger; burping out Premium Mobile Experiences division”

  1. calvin frank:

    Yups, its so realistic.Thanks for your great post.

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