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Plutocracy doomed Windows Vista, implosion of the web next?

April 21, 2008

Plutocracy doomed Windows Vista, implosion of the web next? Even if you haven’t experienced it yourself, you’ve probably heard the pervasive criticism about Windows Vista. With so many users obviously dissatisfied, how could Microsoft make such a grievous error in judgement? Simple, they wanted more money. It’s a contagious business model, and if that kind of thinking infects enough major players on the web enough to create an online plutocracy, our generation will witness the world’s largest implosion–it will mean the end of the web as we know it.

iPhone fails to slay competition; RIM, Palm smartphones selling like hotcakes

April 21, 2008

It would seem as though consumers are drifting further and further away from fun nifty handhelds touting simplicity coupled with rather useless features such as low resolution cameras or “music players” in favor of full-featured smartphones that do everything but dry your laundry. Though the iPhone is the most popular cellular toy of the moment, the other competitors aren’t down and out; Blackberrys and Treos are being reported sold out at many retail locations.

Throw-away DVDs self-destruct after two days

April 21, 2008

Throw-away DVDs self-destruct after two days From the “lame technology” department.  A German company has developed disposable DVD discs that can be viewed for a period of 48 hours after the package has been opened before becoming unreadable by DVD players.  These DVDs are reported to sell for only €3.99 ($6.44 /£3.20).

Star Trek tech, holodecks in your living room sooner than you think

April 21, 2008

Untitled-3 Think the idea of a holodeck, first shown in Star Trek: The Next Generation is so far fetched, well think again?  If the Fitness@Home project has anything to say about it, the first baby steps towards it have already been taken.  You won’t be romping through Sherwood Forest pretending to be Robin Hood any time soon but it may get there, some day.

Current and future home wind power products compared

April 21, 2008

MiniturbinesWind turbines are normally big, noisy, and expensive.  Several inventors have created home wind power options that are efficient, productive, and more affordable than the traditional methods.  Not all of the products that are mentioned in this article are available – yet.  When all of these home wind power products will be manufactured for sale is unknown as are the possible prices. Some of the products mentioned below are available and such information that can be found on pricing is included.  Each inventor took a different approach and created different look.

Forget the EeePC 900, here’s the 10-inch Atom-based EeePC

April 21, 2008

Forget the EeePC 900, here's the 10-inch Atom-based EeePC Those of you who got all excited about the 8.9-inch Asus EeePC with its Linux and Windows XP options may want to tone it down a bit.  Asus is now talking about a 10-incher with Intel’s Atom processors which ups the ante by a lot.

Wi-fi Mythbuster: Do NOT hide your SSID

April 21, 2008

Wi-fi Mythbuster: Do NOT hide your SSIDWi-fi users are often advised to disable or hide the SSID (Service Set Identifier, or simply, the network name) of their routers as a security measure. This tip appears in numerous web pages, books, and magazines. It even shows up on the websites of wireless product manufacturers.

Microsoft promises not to attack ethical hackers: more companies to follow?

April 21, 2008

Microsoft promises not to attack ethical hackers: more companies to follow?Microsoft has boldly promised not to attack hackers who responsibly find and report security flaws in the company’s online services. This is an unusual move for a big company since large entities tend to attack anyone that breaches their servers — whether the offending party had malicious intentions or hoped to help the organization.

Unlimited Skype calls for $9.99 a month

April 21, 2008

Unlimited Skype calls for $9.99 a month

All-you-can-eat Skype, anyone? eBay’s troubled little VOIP provider is now pushing an unlimited call plan to overseas phones.

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