Forget the EeePC 900, here’s the 10-inch Atom-based EeePC

April 21, 2008

Forget the EeePC 900, here's the 10-inch Atom-based EeePC Those of you who got all excited about the 8.9-inch Asus EeePC with its Linux and Windows XP options may want to tone it down a bit.  Asus is now talking about a 10-incher with Intel’s Atom processors which ups the ante by a lot.

The original EeePC model 701 had a 7-inch display and a 900MHz Celeron processor that was downclocked to 633MHz.  The EeePC 900 fixes those problems and offers a larger display but overshadowing that may be the 10-inch EeePC which will feature Intel’s Atom processor.

Asus faces a problem by offering a 10-inch display, price.  Ten inch displays are typically more expensive since that is a specialized size and is not prone to mass manufacturing.

According to PCWorld, Jerry Shen, CEO of Asustek declined to give any specifics on prices or release dates for the 10-inch EeePC but it’s likely to be quite a bit more than the $549 price tag of the 8.9-inch model.  Since 12-inch displays are mass manufactured, maybe it should just go with those.

Of course, that would just make it a full-fledged thin and light laptop which isn’t really the point of the EeePC.  If I were going to buy an EeePC, I would wait for one with an Atom processor.

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