Unlimited Skype calls for $9.99 a month

April 21, 2008

Unlimited Skype calls for $9.99 a month

All-you-can-eat Skype, anyone? eBay’s troubled little VOIP provider is now pushing an unlimited call plan to overseas phones.

AP reports: For $9.95 per month, Skype users can make unlimited calls to land-line phones in 34 countries. It’s a broad swathe that includes most countries in Europe as well as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Korea, Japan, Malaysia and Taiwan. Depending on which country, calls to cell phones are also included (Canada, China, Hong Kong and Singapore).

Unlimited call plans to the U.S. and Canada have already been available for $3 a month. Skype has another plan in the works, one for $5.95 per month, that will give free calls to Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey. There’ll also be substantial discounts on calls to other places in Mexico.

This move is perhaps to help Skype remain a viable solution, what with last year’s admission by eBay that they’d paid too much and much current speculation that eBay might just cut its losses and sell.

Skype said it saw subscribers using approximately 1.7 billion minutes in paid calls. For free computer-to-computer calls, they instead saw a total of  14.2 billion minutes.

With many other software solutions for direct PC-to-PC calls, Skype does face major competition. It doesn’t help either that telcos are averse to letting Skype undercut their overseas earnings, blocking Skype where they’re able to. What doesn’t help either is the differing rates and complicated agreements that telcos have over long-distance calls, making it viable for Skype to call only cellphones in certain countries and not others due to the vastly different tariffs involved.

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One Response to “Unlimited Skype calls for $9.99 a month”

  1. Costas Kariolis:

    The introduction of these new call plans from Skype should prove beneficial for the internet telephony / VoIP sector generally. Anything that helps to bring internet telephone calling further into the mainstream is very welcome.

    May we mention that there are other options in the market that allow you to make unlimited calls for a flat rate such as Vonage. There are some significant differences between the services that Vonage and Skype provide that should be taken into consideration by anyone looking to make internet calls.

    Firstly, call quality is a major advantage of using Vonage, our call quality is comparable with a regular landline service. Secondly, with Skype you have traditionally needed 1) your PC to be switched on to be able to make and receive calls, with Vonage you have never been reliant on your PC being switched on and 2) a headset or USB phone to be able to make internet phone calls, with Vonage you just plug in your existing home phone. Using your existing touch tone phone gives users the freedom to make unlimited calls in the way you want while you walk around your home or office.

    You can find out more about Vonage at http://www.vonage.co.uk.

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