Sidekick Gekko / Aspen screenshot and details: same stuff, different day?

May 3, 2008

Sidekick Gekko / Aspen screenshot and details: same stuff, different day?An alleged screenshot of a Sidekick Gekko / Aspen homescreen has found its way onto the web, but we’re not sure it’s anything to get excited about. It may actually be a photoshopped Sidekick LX screenshot, or maybe Danger just got lazy for this one.

The screenshot comes way of Hiptop3, which speculates the Gekko and the Aspen may be same device. As a result, you might be looking at the homescreen (you can get a better look at it here) of the Sidekick iD replacement. This means the device should fill the iD’s budget slot in the Sidekick family.

What makes us believe that this is possibly a photoshopped Sidekick LX homescreen is that both the Gekko and LX supposedly share the same screen. It’d be really easy to take an old LX screenshot and just change it up a bit, so don’t take the pic too seriously.

But despite our skepticism, it would make sense the next budget Sidekick is modeled after the current top-of-the-line model, the LX. It’ll likely come with a 2mp camera, says TmoNews, and feature video recording. It’ll come with some kind of video sharing software / service, but from there on everything else is a lot like what’s available already.

With the 3G iPhone coming out soon, T-Mobile and Danger really need to step it up. The mobile industry is yawning, we’re yawning.

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One Response to “Sidekick Gekko / Aspen screenshot and details: same stuff, different day?”

  1. ruthie_29:

    definitely have us yawning ive been waiting foor somethng new in the sidekick was gonna get the lx but my friend got it so i decided to wait for something new so please dont dissapoint and make it good a mind blowin sidekick…lol cause i cant wait to get one anymore or i will be gettin an iphone no other choice

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