Microsoft prepares for new Xbox 360s – 65nm GPU Jasper chipset

May 9, 2008

Microsoft prepares for new Xbox 360s - 65nm GPU Jasper chipsetAre you one of the millions of Xbox 360 owners around the world who has been cursed by the Red Ring of Death? Then the news of a much improved chipset now going in to production will give you some hope that the situation will never be repeated.

The Red Ring of Death fatal hardware errors that early release Xbox 360 suffered have caused Microsoft no end of of trouble. As well as costing the company more than $1 billion to put right, it has upset many gamers, and made them lose faith in Microsoft’s ability to release trouble free hardware.

Since introducing the Falcon chipset in to new consoles, the situation has improved, with the added cooling functions, and smaller CPU. However, the problems haven’t gone away entirely, and to that end, Microsoft are again improving the Xbox 360 chipset, this time with the Jasper revision, which will result in 65nm GPU, as opposed to the current 90nm GPU.

The Jasper chipset was first Rumoured/announced back in October of last year, and much of the speculation surrounding it has now proved correct.

A report on CENS confirms that the chipset has now gone in to production, with Microsoft farming the manufacturing process out to various Taiwanese companies. Thse include Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc. and Nanya PCB Corp. IBM will handle the testing and packaging of the microprocessors.

The new model Xbox 360s are expected to be launched in August, with the inventory of the current Falcon models being depleted from now in preparation. This could result in a price cut for the Xbox 360, as after the Falcon launched, Microsoft was able to lower the price by $50.

However, this isn’t the end of the chipset development, as Microsoft has already committed to a further improvement for the internals of the console, with Valhalla currently scheduled to be released a year after Jaspar launches. Valhalla will see the GPU and CPU combined in a single package.

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One Response to “Microsoft prepares for new Xbox 360s – 65nm GPU Jasper chipset”

  1. Goffer:

    So, how do i know if the Xbox im buying is equipped with new jasper chipset, or the falcon?

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