Three new Astak Mentors beat one new BEBOOK

May 11, 2008

Three new Astak Mentors beat one new BEBOOK Two new ebook readers are entering this growing field.  The Astak Mentor is being released by a company that normally sells security cameras.  BEBOOK is coming from the Netherlands.  Both look interesting but the Mentor really shines.

A lot of ereaders have been released within the past few years the iRex iLiadthe Sony Reader PR series, the Cybook, and the most notorius the Amazon Kindle.  All of these readers have done fairly well so it is not that surprising that two new contenders would enter the field.

BeBook Reader The BEBOOK from the Netherlands is a 6″ ereader that reads the standard formats: .doc, .txt, .pdf, .jpg, .htm and .rtf files.  It will have 512 MB of internal memory, an SD card slot, and a USB port.  Pretty typical for an ereader.  It has page forward and back buttons and buttons on the bottom for various functions.

5" Mentor The Astak Mentor comes in three sizes, with different applications and price points.  All three ereaders will have a 400 Mhz Samsung processor.  The smallest unit will run LINUX OS while the two larger units will run Windows CE.  The ebook formats that all read are:  .txt, .pdf, .rtf, .html/chm.   The screens will be four scale black and white with various resolutions.  Each Mentor will also have an MP3 player and the ability to show pictures and illustrations.  Each version has an SD card slot and mini USB port.

6" Mentor The smallest Mentor is 5″ has screen resolution of 800 X 600 pixels.  The 5″ version will come with 128 MB of flash memory in addition to the 32 MB of Sdram.  The 6″ Mentor has 1 GB of memory, 64 MB of Sdram, optional WiFi, and an optional touch screen.  Both of these versions come framed in silver with program keys for up/down/right/left/enter, on/off, menu, music, volume control and delete.

9.7" Mentor While the largest version, the 9.7″ reader goes goes even further with flash memory of 4GB, with the 64MB Sdram, a touch screen and Wi Fi.  The screen resolution is an increased 1200 x 825 pixels.  This model is framed in glossy black and has four programmable keys since most of the reader is controlled through the touch screen.  This is a truly superb combination.

Each one of the Mentor’s offers a different experience and different price range.  The 5″ ereader will reportedly cost around $150 while the 6″ will be under $200 depending on the features chosen.  The largest reader will be between $299 and $349 depending on features.

The processor used in the Mentors is twice as fast as the Cybook processor, and the memory even in the 5″ version is much greater.  The Mentor will be more affordable than the Kindle ($399), Cybook ($450), and the Kindle ($399).  The one ability that these three ereaders have over the Mentor is that ability to read MobiPocket format ebooks.

The introduction of the three Mentor versions, provides and excellent choice of readers to fit different reading needs as well as affordable prices to attract more buyers and promote ereading.  Inspite of the competition, the Mentor should do well because of the well thought out specs and affordability.

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9 Responses to “Three new Astak Mentors beat one new BEBOOK”

  1. skeptic:

    called ASTAK to ask about availability, so far they have working prototypes that they are sending to IDPF and didn; thave a firm date when actual units would be available.

  2. EbilPhish:

    “The Mentor will be more affordable than the Kindle ($399), Cybook ($450), and the Kindle ($399).”

    ▲you listed kindle twice▲

    Good to see PDF functionality in these readers, I have 13130+ books in pdfs.

  3. Kevin:

    A friend referred me to bebook and pointed out that when someone gets referred they get an automatic discount of 25 euro, which cuts the price down a little…

    here’s the address you need for the discount if anyone’s interested:

  4. Tonyc:

    I phoned mentor, they told me that they will have a version that supports mobipocket.
    The Bebook is not very nice looking and is still too expensive.

    Instead of giving discounts, they should sell at £190 they would do much better.
    I am waiting for the 6inch mentor….

  5. Aaron:

    I have a lot of pdf’s that I would like to take on the road. I dont want to lug my heavy technical books. Bebook is what I settled, apply this email for a 25€ (38$ approx).

    Good luck

  6. HJ Smith:

    I settled for the BeBook as well, it has by far the most supported fileformats. I prefer features over a more shiny case. (besides that, I really like the leather case that came with it)

  7. Adam:

    I chose the BeBook as well. It supports a huge range of file formats and that was important to me.

    The guys are Endless Ideas are very good at bringing out new firmware updates and acting on customer suggestions to improve the BeBook. This can only mean things will continue to get even better with the BeBook.

    If you are thinking of purchasing a BeBook from the website, feel free to use my email address to receive a 25 Euro discount.

    My email is


  8. Geza:

    If you are thinking of purchasing a BeBook from the website, feel free to use my email address to receive a 25 Euro discount.

    My email is

  9. Tony Brown:

    I can not thank yourself enough for the blog.sincere thank you! fantastic.

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