Survey shows many Americans still don’t use email or have home internet

May 18, 2008

Survey shows many Americans still don't use email or have home internetSo it probably isn’t a surprise to you that your 92-year old grandparents aren’t much for Twittering or forwarding funny LOLcat messages to coworkers, but you might be surprised to know they aren’t the only ones out of the loop; a new survey illustrates that one in five american households have never even sent an email.

A poll taken by CNET reveals a few astonishing facts about the internet, computing, and Americans. Here are the results:

1. Just under one in three heads-of-households in the U.S. have never created any sort of document on a PC.

2. 21% of them haven’t even visited a website.

3. The same percentage have never written an email.

4. (In line with number two) 21% have never searched for information on the World Wide Web.

5. 18% of American households don’t have the internet.

The survey was conducted by phone, and the results are less astonishing than some may be inclined to think initially.

First, many of the respondents who don’t use email are over the age of 65. More than 50% of the respondents who don’t have internet have never completed education further than high-school. Of those who don’t have internet, less than 10% intended to purchase internet in the next year.

Really, these numbers aren’t too surprising considering the distribution of citizens between the lower, middle, and upper classes. All of those who fall into the survey results above are either older citizens who just don’t care to adopt the technology, or are largely comprised of low-income households who can’t afford the technology.

Adoption rates will increase as technology and service becomes more affordable. As for getting grandma on Twitter, don’t hold your breath.

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5 Responses to “Survey shows many Americans still don’t use email or have home internet”

  1. senwei:

    it’s true,maybe they don’t have enough money to enjoy technology

  2. Heather:

    Really? My grandfather is almost 90 and he’s been online for several years now. The Navy now sends him emails about events (he served during World War II)and his grandkids send him reports of our travels

  3. Sundiii:

    It’s not surprising that so many Americans don’t have computers because thet can’t AFFORD A COMPUTER!! But most people can’t see they can’t afford one because of their LOW WAGE OR NO WAGE. The WAGE system (called Capitalism) is 100% SLAVERY! When all people on earth OWN all things, then we’ll end world poverty & every person can have a FREE computer, plus free food, medicine, ETC. Of course all people should own all things, because any other WAY is SLAVERY of the masses to make a few owners RICH. Wake up, American slaves.

  4. Matt:

    Sundiii, good luck getting anyone to work in your dream society full of bum freeloaders.

  5. autoversicherungsvergleiche:

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