Helio Ocean 2 is like original Ocean on steroids, speed

May 28, 2008

Helio Ocean 2 is like original Ocean on steroids, speedIs this thing Helio’s follow up to the original Ocean? If so, we like it. The Ocean’s successor is a lot like the current model but better… similar to how the Blorge staff’s efficiency when on steroids and speed.

 But it’s not so much the picture that we’re in love with. Engadget Mobile scored some special details on the new phone, but their pic’s basically a computerized sketch of the current model… except wet and shiny.

Anyway, the Ocean’s successor may have any of the following features, though, anything can change for the phone’s device’s final release.

3 megapixel camera
Dual slider, just like the original
microSDHC support
1GB internal storage
In-browser Flash support
30fps video recording
Touch-sensitive directional pad
PC sync capability

We particularly like the 3 megapixel camera, 30fps video recording, and 3 megapixel camera, but we couldn’t care less about a touch sensitive directional pad.

Though we’ve come to adore the current Ocean, we don’t think the new model will affect the sales of the upcoming 3G iPhone. Instead, we think think the new phone will appeal to the Sidekick and LG enV variety, customers who don’t buy into the iPhone hype but still require an advanced, functional, Qwerty messaging device on a powerful and reliable 3G network.


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3 Responses to “Helio Ocean 2 is like original Ocean on steroids, speed”

  1. Sammy Octavius:

    You can already signup to get the Helio Ocean 2. It’s going to be a single slide touch screen this time. Here is the link to get one of ten free Helio Ocean 2 phones:


  2. Chris H:

    I really sure hope that they come out with anouther dual slider phone otherwise I myself will be very pissed off. That dual slider is important to me and im very sure it goes to many other people in the world.

    I will say, I do like the fact it is going to be a touch screen and 3mp camera on there. All i know is the most important thing to me on the ocean is the Dual slider. There is no point of having an ocean without a dual slider.

  3. Selena:

    Hmm sorry to disappoint but it’ll be 2MP and no touchscreen guys, The same Ocean with a slightly sleeker design oh and it’ll $150 for existing members and upwards of $300 for newbies, got that straight from a cstmr service Rep., so you can preorder a red ocean when you can get a black one for $80.

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