Media giants hire MediaDefender to hack torrent servers

May 29, 2008

Media giants hire MediaDefender to hack torrent serversThough the battle between media protection groups like the RIAA and filesharers on peer-to-peer networks isn’t anything new, it seems that media groups have sank so low that they are now hiring seedy companies like MediaDefender to attack torrent indexing sites’ servers, even if those sites aren’t indexing illegal content. Evidence now seems to show that MediaDefender attacked popular site Revision3, and the FBI is going to get involved.

According to ReadWriteWeb, MediaDefender has had hands in more than just Revision3. MediaDefender works as a “hired gun” for the major media groups, purposefully seeding copyrighted content as a means to seek out illegal filesharers and those sites that index said copyrighted content.

MediaDefender was already found out to be involved in hacking and sabotaging The Pirate Bay’s servers in September of last year. Despicable and low as that may have been, it moved on to Revision3. Revision3 releases shows like Tekzilla, Systm, Diggnation, and The GigaOm Show, which are all completely legitimate and are exclusive to Revision3. However, that hasn’t stopped MediaDefender.

To sabotage the Revision3 servers, MediaDefender flooded the systems with SYN packets, which essentially overloaded the servers, making filesharing on the server impossible. Even though Revision3 is a completely legitimate group distributing legitimate content, MediaDefender attacked it. Why?

How far are media groups allowed to go before the government steps in and starts monitoring the rather underhanded techniques media groups use? What isn’t illegal about paying groups like MediaDefender to HACK servers that aren’t even distributing content wrongfully? The FBI is stepping in to investigate, and hopefully MediaDefender will be punished, as well as the companies who are funding the attacks.

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