Best Buy greens up with trial electronics recycling program

June 2, 2008

Best Buy greens up with trial electronics recycling programIf you are like me in that you appreciate large companies taking steps to help advance the movement to go green, then you should appreciate this: Best Buy is joining the ranks of the green-friendly, or at least is toying with the notion, because the electronics retailing giant is testing out a recycling program for just about everything except the kitchen sink…no, seriously.

According to Business Wire, as of June 1, 2008, 117 Best Buy retail locations in the areas around Minnesota, Baltimore and San Francisco will be testing out an electronics recycling program. Any interested customers can drop off no more than 2 items a day per household for free recycling. How Best Buy plans to establish customers from non-customers or family members from household A from household B, I have no clue, but there are a few limitations on what can be recycled.

You can’t drop off TVs or monitors greater than 32 inches in size, console TVs, air conditioning units, microwaves or appliances. For the record, if you’re interested in dropping off monitors greater than 32 inches in size, I’m sure just about anyone will be willing to get it off your hands if it is in working condition.

If you are interested in dropping off large electronics that can’t be dropped off at the test locations, you can always spend $100 to have Best Buy come and pick up your large unnecessaries from your house.

For those readers interested in recycling old computers, Apple will both recycle your computer and clean your old hard drive of all sensitive information, which could come in handy if you aren’t too sure if you know how to clean it properly yourself or not.

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  1. New gadgets:

    Best Buy initiative is a good one. More companies should go green.

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