Dell’s new Studio laptops to replace XPS line

June 3, 2008

Dell's new Studio laptops to replace XPS line Dell may be the computer maker some love to hate but that won’t stop the company from coming out with new wonderful designs.  The company wants to concentrate on its Alienware brand for the high end and phase out the XPS line.  That means there needs to be something between the ultimate low-end Inspiron and ultimate high-end Alienware.

Enter the Studio laptops and rumored desktops.  According to Engadget, the Studio laptops will sit between the Inspiron and high end Alienware computers.

The first models available will be the Studio 1535 and 1735 laptops, 15” and 17” displays, respectively.  It no longer appears there will be a 1435 model since there is a 14” Inspiron and 14” laptops should be relegated to the low end.

In addition there will be an AMD based Studio 1536 laptop though, in my opinion, AMD is deader than a doorknob.  The processors are slow as molasses compared to Intel, eat up energy like nothing and produce more heat and if that’s your thing, sure, go for AMD.  Intel is well worth the premium.

I’d tend to agree with the rumors that Dell will completely phase out the XPS line in favor of the Studio line and just concentrate on Alienware for the high end.

Let’s just hope that Dell can work out the manufacturing kinks in its assembly line and get a hold of some better displays in the process of putting together the Studio laptops.

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