AP to charge bloggers $2.50 per word for quotes

June 17, 2008

AP to charge bloggers $2.50 per word for quotes It’s official, the AP (associated press) has finally lost all its marbles.  The organization now wants to charge anyone who quotes their content $2.50 per word or $12.50 for five words.  It could be that rates go up beyond that point.

Anyone who feels intimidated by the AP can feel free to fill out its form and give the AP cash monies in exchange for permission to quote content.  This goes against every single fair-use law in the United States.

The New York Times (a member of the AP) said,

This is an attempt to define clear standards as to how much of its articles and broadcasts bloggers and Web sites can excerpt.

But Making Light says,

It’s better described as yet another attempt by a big media company to replace the established legal and social order with with a system of private law (the very definition of the word “privilege”) in which a few private organizations get to dictate to the rest of society what the rules will be.

Guess who I agree with?  If you guessed the New York Times, you are wrong.  We have covered this issue before and will continue to follow it as the situation develops.  The AP, like the RIAA is trying to fight the new business model where most information is distributed for free or at little cost online.

The AP wants to sue anyone that doesn’t follow the new guidelines but those are guidelines it set up all by itself.  It’s not illegal to break the guidelines it set up and I would like to see them hold it up in any decent court.  If the AP continues down this path it will wind be being hated more than the RIAA.  Okay, maybe not but surely a close second.

If anyone from the AP is reading this, you’ll have to pay me $3 a word if you want to quote me so just drop a comment on how many words you want to use and payment instructions will follow.  Great, thanks.

Sorry, but I’m not going to feel inclined to follow your new rules AP and maybe people will just stop using your content completely.  What’s next, no one is allowed to link to an AP story?

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3 Responses to “AP to charge bloggers $2.50 per word for quotes”

  1. Ralph:

    How can one restrict news and information? Isn’t that CENSORSHIP?

    So if a friend asks you if their favorite team won, you are not allowed to tell them if you got it from a AP source?

    “Yes Joe, a team did win the game. But I am sworn under copyright not to tell anyone”

    “Steve can you give me a link to the site were I might find that information?”

    “Sorry Joe, I am sworn under copyright not to give that out either”

    I thought the Berlin Wall fell in 1989. Guess I was mistaken.

  2. Alexander Vollmer:

    In the above story and the comments the word “AP” is used 13 and more times, thats more than 5 words from their articles …

    … they can proof that its quoted from one of their articles, guess you must pay now. Also be aware that a plain view on the statistics show that the millions of articles from AP must contain each possible phrase of five contiguous english words. “The Berlin Wall fell in 1989″ and “AP” alone gives over 700 hits in Google. Its a six word quote from several AP articles.

    I will buy some yarn and sew my mouth before they sue it.

  3. das epsilon:

    next step is charging $12.50 for reading five words.. ;)

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