Firefox 3.0 has arrived – Download it now to help create world record

June 17, 2008

Firefox 3.0 has arrived - Download it now to help create world recordThe day has finally arrived, Download Day is upon us and Firefox 3 is now officially available worldwide. And by downloading it over the next 24 hours you can help set a new world record and make the boffins over at Mozilla very happy in to the bargain.

The third incarnation of the Firefox browser has been a long time coming, having been planned and developed over the course of the last 36 months. But it is now finally here, being available from developer Mozilla from today, June 17th.

The first release candidate was made available for download in May, and since then we have seen two other release candidates to ensure the kinks are ironed out. Even with that safety net there are likely to be some issues with the version of the browser released today, especially when it comes to using the add-ons and plugins which help make Firefox the web user’s dream that it currently is.

The attempt at creating and setting a world record for the most users to ever download a program in its first 24 hours of release was announced at the back end of May although the actual date the Download Day attempt was going to happen was not known at the time.

The new Firefox 3 browser is said to be faster, not only than Firefox 2, but also than the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari. It is also much more secure, having been built to instantly detect phishing and malware attempts. It is also less of a drain on your computer’s resources, and is probably the most customisable browser ever to hit the Web.

Firefox still has a way to go to displace Microsoft’s Internet Explorer as the most popular browser available, but everyone who cares about their internet experience should at least give 3.0 a go. With IE8 on the horizon, I’m personally hoping that enough people switch to Firefox now to ensure Microsoft has to go back to the drawing board and start again.

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